The TresCom team is quite committed to the game and offers various services to the community. This incluses

Free Website Hosting

Simply read through our disclaimer and if you agree to all terms write us an email concerning:

a) your sitename (also please give us some basic info on it…)

b) your username (please note, that that is going to be the name you’re reffered to from the internet, meaning that your space will be called : It is also important to remember the proper username.

c) your password (please make sure to choose a secure one!)

Then we will make the space up for you! Once it is up, you’ll receive a small letter from us…

Now you’re set to go! Please notice, that we do not have an upload limit, but remember, that your webspace will be checked on a daily basis upon illegal software! This means that no Pronography/Hackz/Crackz or warez are allowed on this server. You will be banned for uploading stuff as that!

*this offer is provided to Trespasser related websites/forums only

Host your Forum

We can also host a forum for you on the Diehard Forum! Simply write us a short mail with the follwoing data :

a) your username at the board (yes, you need to be registered)

b) the Forum name

c) some basic information on the Forum

Once we got that information, we’ll gladly set it up for you…

Offer you an email adress

We also offer free email adresses if you’re interested in one adress, then please write us another email with your data.

Even though we used to have our own working email system, we can only offer a free email redirection. Meaning that will only redirect your emails to another email account you own.

Present your work

You can always present your Trespasser related work here on TresCom! Simply send it in, or use our upload script to do so 🙂