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Free Website Hosting

Simply read through our disclaimer and if you agree to all terms write us an email concerning:

a) your sitename (also please give us some basic info on it…)

b) your username (please note, that that is going to be the name you’re reffered to from the internet, meaning that your space will be called : It is also important to remember the proper username.

c) your password (please make sure to choose a secure one!)

Then we will make the space up for you! Once it is up, you’ll receive a small letter from us… Now you’re set to go! Please notice, that we do not have an upload limit, but remember, that your webspace will be checked on a daily basis upon illegal software! This means that no Pronography/Hackz/Crackz or warez are allowed on this server. You will be banned for uploading stuff as that!  The CPU in your server is called a processor. You can find more information about Xeon Server through this site It’s the unit that receives, interprets, and delivers instructions. It also processes data and performs tasks, including running queries and serving web pages.  For several years running, Intel has called their x86 server and workstation processors “Xeon.” There are many variations. Some differ from Intel’s mainstream processor. The latest Xeon line includes the Xeon W processors and the Xeon Scalable Processors (codename “Purley.”) The scalable processor is for workstations and servers that use multiple sockets. Others have extra features, such as Error-Correcting Code (ECC) memory support. The more advanced variants have stronger processor capabilities and more cache memory. How fast any given processor works depends on the clock speed. Clock speed is the speed in hertz (GHz) at which the processor generates and deploys instructions. The faster the clock, the more instructions the CPU can execute per second. Speed is not a surefire feature to use when deciding on a processor. The reason for this is because the advent of Turbo Boost enables the clock speed to change depending on the workload. Clock speed and Turbo boost are usually connected with power dissipation. The lower the Thermal Power Dissipation (TDP), the lower the clock speed. Higher TDP models usually have higher Turbo Boost ability. A Xeon server that has multiple cores will have a lower clock speed. Are you running applications that need many processor cores, extra memory, or a high memory bandwidth? Perhaps you even require all three of these. If so, you may need a system with multiple Central Processing Units (CPU). Many Xeons support multiple CPUs. They do so by using added on-chip technology to allow the CPUs to communicate. This way, the CPUs can share memory access and coordinate tasks. With this configuration, each CPU has its own set of memory modules and a controller. It also has its processing cores. Together this means more computing power, memory, and bandwidth. Why is Xeon dedicated server one of the best needs for your web service needs? Simple, this just seems to be catering to all the needs that one might have for their web servers. Some of the most important parameters that will be the binding ones when you choose a server are: the speed of the server, memory capacity of the server and the hard disk capacity of the server. Creating a website is an easy task especially with all the resources and tools that are free to use online. However, websites need to be hosted to reach the internet. You have two options for hosting. One is shared server hosting and the other is dedicated server hosting. When it comes to dedicated server hosting, it only means leasing an entire web server from a hosting service provider. It is all yours meaning you do not have to share it with anyone else. On a shared server, you share the resources of the server with a number of clients. There are other options too like opting for a colocation provider if you already have existing equipment. Server hosting costs vary depending on which to choose. Shared servers are the cheapest while dedicated servers are the more expensive solution. However, choosing a dedicated server truly has its benefits and is actually an affordable solution compared to purchasing your own servers. Plus, you simply get the best service that your money will buy. A dedicated server is a type of hosting service offered by a web hosting company – Knownhost that is solely and exclusively for the use of a single client. These servers are physical devices whose resources are not shared to other users. The client leasing a dedicated server has full control of its usage, and can install software, hardware and applications of their choice, including operating systems. The client also has the privilege to utilize full hard disk space and bandwidth.

There are also other features like the peripherals and resources that you can add to the server in case of a need and the expandability of the server when you want to either increase the speed of operation or the capacity of the machine. All these would form the core of the web server requirements any IS manager might have to face. And Xeon dedicated server meets all of them with poise. Let us see how. The Xeon dedicated server is based on a processor that is designed to work at high clock speeds of over 2.4 GHz. This makes the Xeon processor one of the fastest processors that is available in the market. And it works at this speed with a word size of 64 bits. All this makes it faster and larger. In addition to this, you can always scale it up if you want to add more processors. Dual Xeon is the most common option on the Xeon dedicated server. This is what makes it the core of the advantages. Multiple parallel processing is built into the structure of the Xeon processor. Building clusters is also not a problem with the system and most of the server farms work with Xeon servers lined up in them. What more can one asks for in the speed of processing from a server? Secondly, the memory that it can work with is really large. Particularly it is enlarged with the help of the large addressing capacity that the processor support, you can easily work with 2 or 4 GB of DDR memory. This large memory translates to more processes running parallel or more users logging on to the system at the same time. That is certainly one of your prime concerns. You certainly do not want your machine to deny users when they try to access you.

*this offer is provided to Trespasser related websites/forums only

Host your Forum

We can also host a forum for you on the Diehard Forum! Simply write us a short mail with the follwoing data :

a) your username at the board (yes, you need to be registered)

b) the Forum name

c) some basic information on the Forum

Once we got that information, we’ll gladly set it up for you…

Offer you an email adress

We also offer free email adresses if you’re interested in one adress, then please write us another email with your data.

Even though we used to have our own working email system, we can only offer a free email redirection. Meaning that will only redirect your emails to another email account you own.

Present your work

You can always present your Trespasser related work here on TresCom! Simply send it in, or use our upload script to do so 🙂