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Server problems resolved

During the past few months we received a lot of complaints of people having trouble with our forum registration. As it turned out, the email server we had been using was shut down by the host without any notification. Upon notice, we fixed it immediately, but we sincerely apologize for the trouble it may have  Continue Reading »

Merry Christmas

Ho,ho,ho… I know that this may seem as a pretty lame intro to an awesome post, but what can I say: i am a sucker for the festive spirit. It has been yet another incredible year here at TresCom. We have seen new fan projects such as the incredible Trespassing, a CryEngine Total Conversion, an  Continue Reading »

Jurassic World – Trailer released

    What can I say… I am excited!

Trespassing: Tech Demo released!

This is some hot stuff! s13n1 released a first Tech Demo to the amazing┬áTrespassing┬áTrespasser Total Conversion. The game is based on the Cry Engine and wows us with some amazing graphics. For installation, follow s13n1’s instructions on his own website. The tech demo requires the Cry Engine, which is available free of charge here. Download  Continue Reading »

The Gaming Beaver “Let’s Play”

Let’s play have become a common thing on that space you know as the interwebs. A particularly nice one recently popped up in which “The Gaming Beaver” gives Trespasser another run for the money I really love these, so if you happen to have a let’s play of your own – let us know in  Continue Reading »