Trespasser Combined Beta/Retail Stream.tpa Voiceover List


176 189 VA1 Oh, god. This can’t be happening. We hit the water like… Marquiz? Marquiz!? Where am I? UNUSED UNUSED
177 190 VA2 It is beautiful here. Must be one of the offshore islands. Cocos, one of the Cinco Muertes maybe. Beach Beach
N/A N/A VA3 Something man-made used to be here. N/A N/A
178 191 VA4 A foundation, maybe. Beach Beach
N/A 192 VA5 Dear Diary. Plane has crashed on deserted island. Will die a lonely death. Well, I gotta go. Anne. N/A UNUSED
179 193 VA6 InGen. Some kind of – wait. International Genetic Technologies. Beach Beach
180 194 VA7 That was the company from the Dinosaur Trial. After the trial that old guy, John Hammond wrote a book. He said it was somewhere in Central America… Beach Beach
181 195 VA8 Oh no. Oh god. This is Site B. This is John Hammond’s lost world. Beach Beach
182 196 VA9 I knew all along this was a stupid idea. Beach Beach
183 197 VA10 There must have been something in the memoir. Beach Beach
184 198 VA11 Hammond. Right. UNUSED UNUSED
185 199 VA12 Oh god… something like 30 people died here. Professional hunter types, mercenaries. UNUSED UNUSED
186 200 VA13 Maybe… maybe if there’s a phone line, or a radio… InGen Town InGen Town
187 201 VA14 “No Trespassing.” Thanks. Beach Beach
188 202 VA15 Oh god. Someone’s gotta come get me. UNUSED Beach
1 2 VA16 Welcome to the City of Tomorrow. Beach Beach
2 3 VA17 This was the place. This used to be just an urban myth. Beach Beach
N/A 4 VA18 Who do they think they’re keeping out? N/A UNUSED
3 5 VA19 I wonder what they left here. Beach UNUSED
189 203 VA20 Try “weird psycho old guy.” UNUSED Jungle Road
4 6 VA21 I was a freshman when they had the first rumors. We watched it on the TV news in the common room, drinking cocoa from the kitchen. I said it would be nothing – just another cold fusion. UNUSED UNUSED
5 7 VA22 This has to go somewhere… Jungle Road Jungle Road
190 204 VA23 Yeah, yeah, bill me. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A 8 VA24 No dinosaurs in here. I guess this was just construction – the real facility could be miles away. N/A Jungle Road
N/A 205 VA25 Damn it! Oh god… okay, calm down. N/A UNUSED
6 9 VA26 A phone. Oh thank god. Jungle Road Jungle Road
N/A 206 VA27 Shut up! N/A UNUSED
N/A 207 VA28 Phone! Die! N/A UNUSED
7 10 VA29 This is like hiking in the woods behind my house. We used to pretend we were on a spy mission. Jungle Road Jungle Road
8 11 VA30 Three toes. UNUSED UNUSED
9 12 VA31 Looks like it ran off the trail for some reason. TestScene TestScene
10 13 VA32 What happened here? TestScene TestScene
191 208 VA33 Oh, my… TestScene TestScene
N/A 14 VA34 You saw what happened, didn’t you? N/A Jungle Road
N/A 209 VA35 He’s right. This is what they must have faced. Endless wilderness. Total mystery. N/A UNUSED
11 15 VA36 Ah! This sucks! Jungle Road Jungle Road
N/A 210 VA37 …those dots in the north… N/A UNUSED
N/A 211 VA38 Sun’s in the west. I think. Which means that mountain I saw from the beach must be north. N/A UNUSED
12 16 VA39 Hello? Marquez? Are you there? Estas alli? Beach Beach
13 17 VA40 Orchids! Jungle Road Jungle Road
N/A 18 VA41 This isn’t supposed to happen. This… I graduated summa. This should be happening to a… policeman, or a ninja. N/A UNUSED
192 212 VA42 Oh man. He really did it. Beach UNUSED
N/A 213 VA43 Oh man. He really did it. | Just relax, I’m not going to hurt you. N/A UNUSED | N/A
193 214 VA44 Okay, shh, shh. Sleepy dinosaur. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A 215 VA45 Tri-triceratops, right? They don’t know their names. N/A UNUSED
194 216 VA46 Yada yada yada… Jungle Road Jungle Road
195 217 VA47 Velociraptors. The killers. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A 218 VA48 Get away, shoo! N/A UNUSED
N/A 219 VA49 Oh, no. Oh god no. N/A UNUSED
N/A 220 VA50 Die! Why don’t you die!? | Die! Die! N/A InGen Lab | N/A
196 221 VA51 Oh, that’s not good. That’s not good. I’m not going to make it back from here, am I? Jungle Road Jungle Road
197 222 VA52 Oh no. Nothing’s that big. UNUSED UNUSED
198 223 VA53 She’s beautiful. UNUSED UNUSED
199 224 VA54 Nerd! UNUSED UNUSED
200 225 VA55 This is where they died. UNUSED UNUSED
201 226 VA56 All those men. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A 227 VA57 Some kind of broadcast setup. No use now. N/A UNUSED
N/A 228 VA58 Hammond never mentioned a fire. I wonder how it started. N/A UNUSED
N/A 229 VA59 Technical. Must have had a cel modem. N/A UNUSED
202 230 VA60 They certainly were serious about their monorail. Jungle Road UNUSED
203 231 VA61 …a radio, a phone. A can with a string. InGen Town InGen Town
204 232 VA62 I was in high school then. Industrial Jungle Industrial Jungle
205 233 VA63 Now that is an incredible smell. Beach UNUSED
N/A N/A VA64 I’ve really done it. This is not a normal situation. N/A N/A
206 234 VA65 Beautiful. Spanish colonial. UNUSED UNUSED
207 235 VA66 It’s like the Learning Channel. UNUSED UNUSED
208 236 VA67 It’s coffee gold. Slaver gold. UNUSED UNUSED
209 237 VA68 What’s that? UNUSED UNUSED
210 238 VA69 I can smell the ocean. Ascent 1 UNUSED
211 239 VA70 Whatever. Industrial Jungle UNUSED
31 36 VA71 I rode south along the coast. Bus stations in the early morning; eating vending machine food in the fluorescent light. Jungle Road Jungle Road
32 37 VA72 Stepping out of a bus in Mexico City, I shouldered my knapsack, felt the heat wash over me. Jungle Road Jungle Road
33 38 VA73 It was good to be alone. To be nobody for a while. Jungle Road Jungle Road
N/A 39 VA74 At least it’s good for my complexion. N/A UNUSED
34 40 VA75 Now this is truly revolting. UNUSED UNUSED
35 41 VA76 They’re probably out drinking right now. Anne? Anne who? Beach UNUSED
36 42 VA77 Power lines! Now that’s what I’m looking for. UNUSED UNUSED
37 43 VA78 Showers. Coffee. Air conditioning. Almost there. Industrial Jungle Industrial Jungle
38 44 VA79 What brought that down? Industrial Jungle UNUSED
39 45 VA80 Come on, Anne! You’re up to this. UNUSED UNUSED
40 46 VA81 On the bright side: no more student loans! UNUSED UNUSED
41 47 VA82 These can’t run more than a half mile more. Industrial Jungle Industrial Jungle
212 240 VA83 Don’t do this to me. UNUSED UNUSED
213 241 VA84 Security system. Looks like that’s still active. InGen Town InGen Town
214 242 VA85 Hello? Hello! InGen Town InGen Town
215 243 VA86 In the middle of a jungle… UNUSED InGen Town
216 244 VA87 It’s like that Twilight Zone episode, where he’s in this town with no people? And the guy’s really an astronaut? InGen Town InGen Town
217 245 VA88 Looks like they stripped it before they took off. InGen Town InGen Town
218 246 VA89 All gone home. InGen Town InGen Town
219 247 VA90 The funny thing was how easy it was. Nobody stops you. Just get on a bus and watch the highway start moving. The whole world before you. I guess it’s not a vacation if you don’t know when you’re coming back. InGen Town InGen Town
220 248 VA91 Where is the goddamn phone? I want out of here. I want diet soda, I want copy machines, and juice boxes, and cartoons. InGen Town InGen Town
221 249 VA92 Cheap lock. UNUSED UNUSED
222 250 VA93 Whoa… surreal. InGen Town InGen Town
223 251 VA94 Something tells me this isn’t my ticket out of here. InGen Town InGen Town
224 252 VA95 This thing shows more than one transmitter. UNUSED UNUSED
225 253 VA96 Now would probably not be a good time for a drink, much as I might like one. InGen Town InGen Town
226 254 VA97 What’s that smell? Like a barn… UNUSED UNUSED
227 255 VA98 Oh god, it’s a nest. UNUSED UNUSED
228 256 VA99 Excuse me? Maintenance, hello? A little help here? UNUSED UNUSED
229 257 VA100 Nothing here. I bet you Hammond’s the one who got all the fun satellite phones. InGen Town InGen Town
230 258 VA101 How did they get their electricity? They must have had a generator. InGen Town InGen Town
231 259 VA102 “No!! Morire por InGen” Maybe you already have. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A 260 VA103 What? You want a piece of me!? N/A UNUSED
N/A 261 VA104 I’ve got a golf club! N/A UNUSED
N/A 262 VA105 I’ve got a cricket bat! N/A UNUSED
N/A 263 VA106 I’ve got a croquet mallet! N/A UNUSED
232 264 VA107 This place is dead. InGen Town InGen Town
233 265 VA108 Broken. No radio. No phone. No satellite. That’s it. I’m dead. I’m like a skeleton, right now. InGen Town InGen Town
234 266 VA109 Nice stereo, guy. InGen Town InGen Town
235 267 VA110 This thing needs a passcode – it must be written down somewhere. UNUSED UNUSED
236 268 VA111 Very nice, John. UNUSED UNUSED
237 269 VA112 Living room, dining room, hardwood floors. Lovely. UNUSED UNUSED
238 270 VA113 Modern kitchen, high ceilings. UNUSED UNUSED
239 271 VA114 A guest bedroom, for visiting mad scientists. UNUSED UNUSED
240 272 VA115 Master bedroom. Very nice! UNUSED UNUSED
241 273 VA116 You’ve got to be kidding me. Welcome to my island. No, don’t try to escape. Let me tell you my plan. UNUSED UNUSED
242 274 VA117 Secret compartment! Ooh, ahh! InGen Town InGen Town
243 275 VA118 Ha. This has got to be worth something. UNUSED UNUSED
244 276 VA119 Now we’re getting somewhere. InGen Town InGen Town
N/A N/A VA120 A diary. This is really old. 1951. N/A N/A
N/A 277 VA121 Password… password… seven one oh five one. N/A UNUSED
245 278 VA122 I was really hoping that wasn’t gonna happen. UNUSED UNUSED
246 279 VA123 Wow… must be a mile across. At least a 6.50 cab ride. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A 280 VA124 They might have one in those radio collars. Let’s hope they used the same battery in all their little toys. N/A UNUSED
N/A 281 VA125 “Remotely operated.” That explains the remotely controlled thing. So, I just need a battery. N/A UNUSED
N/A 282 VA126 “Remotely operated.” I need some kind of control device. N/A UNUSED
247 283 VA127 Not much cover. Have to use the trees. UNUSED InGen Town
248 284 VA128 Dear Diary, Hunting dinosaurs on strange island. Little chance of escape… um… weather fine. Well, more news later. Anne UNUSED UNUSED
N/A 285 VA129 That black crest – some kind of species variant. DNA from a different period, or another continent. N/A UNUSED
N/A 286 VA130 No collars. I need one of the old ones. One of the ones Hammond made. N/A UNUSED
249 287 VA131 Meanwhile, somewhere in the Pacific… UNUSED UNUSED
250 288 VA132 Don’t just lie there – get help! UNUSED UNUSED
251 289 VA133 Cool in here. Some kind of storage? UNUSED UNUSED
252 290 VA134 They’re just cows. Just big cows. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A 291 VA135 Must be the big one. N/A UNUSED
253 292 VA136 God, she’s big. UNUSED UNUSED
254 293 VA137 She’s on to me. UNUSED UNUSED
255 294 VA138 Come on! UNUSED UNUSED
256 295 VA139 Finish it, Anne. UNUSED UNUSED
257 296 VA140 Fall, damn you! UNUSED UNUSED
258 297 VA141 Come on, fall! UNUSED UNUSED
259 298 VA142 Oh god. UNUSED InGen Town
N/A 299 VA143 Greenwood, Harold, USMC. Looks like it came from a novelty shop. N/A UNUSED
260 300 VA144 He must have been scared. He was wounded, he crawled in here, maybe losing blood. I guess he thought he was safe. InGen Town InGen Town
261 301 VA145 Not until now. UNUSED UNUSED
262 302 VA146 A forest like this, you could just walk forever. And never come back. UNUSED Pine Valley
263 303 VA147 The great white hunter. UNUSED UNUSED
264 304 VA148 These must run back to the town on one end. UNUSED Pine Valley
265 305 VA149 Great, another dead guy. UNUSED UNUSED
266 306 VA150 Must be out of darts. UNUSED Pine Valley
267 307 VA151 I can’t believe I just did that. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A 308 VA152 Two at least. N/A UNUSED
N/A 309 VA153 One in front. N/A UNUSED
268 310 VA154 Keep it together, girl. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A 311 VA155 Looks like it might still work. N/A Pine Valley
N/A 312 VA156 …comes out of the ground here… N/A Pine Valley
N/A 313 VA157 …goes into the ground here. N/A Pine Valley
N/A 314 VA158 …the steam turns the turbine, to produce electricity… N/A Pine Valley
269 315 VA159 Nice! Can I take this? UNUSED UNUSED
N/A 316 VA160 Ow! Ow! Ow! Hot! N/A UNUSED
N/A 317 VA161 Control room. Looks pretty intact. N/A Pine Valley
N/A 318 VA162 Don’t try this at home. N/A Pine Valley
N/A 319 VA163 Nothing. N/A UNUSED
N/A 320 VA164 Still nothing. N/A UNUSED
N/A 321 VA165a (Sighing) N/A UNUSED
N/A 322 VA165b (Sighing) N/A UNUSED
270 323 VA166 Ha! I’m a genius! UNUSED UNUSED
N/A 324 VA167 This used to be powered… looks dead now. N/A Pine Valley
N/A 325 VA168 Combo lock. Or it takes a card. N/A UNUSED
271 326 VA169 Blah blah blah. UNUSED UNUSED
272 327 VA170 They never expected this. Hammond thought this would be here forever. InGen Lab InGen Lab
273 328 VA171 A lost world. InGen Lab InGen Lab
274 329 VA172 Looks like the contents of a warehouse. InGen Lab InGen Lab
275 330 VA173 I am Spartacus! | Coo-ee! UNUSED | N/A InGen Lab | N/A
424 494 VA173 Reverb B I am Spartacus! UNUSED UNUSED
276 331 VA174 When it happens, it could be like that. 3 seconds, and I’m gone. Any time. UNUSED InGen Lab
277 332 VA175 A couple of kids. UNUSED InGen Lab
278 333 VA176 Bang. Laboratory. Gotcha. That’s gotta be what I need. UNUSED InGen Lab
N/A 334 VA177 All through the 80’s they were out here in the rain. Keeping their secrets. N/A UNUSED
279 335 VA178 Place looks mostly intact. InGen Lab InGen Lab
280 336 VA179 Everything gates off that computer. UNUSED InGen Lab
281 337 VA180 If the computer runs communications, I’ve gotta see if it’s intact, security or not. UNUSED InGen Lab
282 338 VA181 It’s like a scene from the end of the world… InGen Lab InGen Lab
283 339 VA182 So this was all there was. Looks like a freshman science lab. InGen Lab InGen Lab
284 340 VA183 Heart of an empire. InGen Lab InGen Lab
285 341 VA184 Come on, Hammond. It’s your office. Gotta be something here. InGen Lab InGen Lab
286 342 VA185 “Shake it, baby!” UNUSED InGen Lab
287 343 VA186 All right, I admit it, Hammond. You’re clever. UNUSED InGen Lab
288 344 VA187 You know, this isn’t really as interesting as I’d imagined. InGen Lab InGen Lab
289 345 VA188 Nerd central. InGen Lab InGen Lab
290 346 VA189 Please god no. UNUSED InGen Lab
291 347 VA190 I hate this hacker crap! UNUSED InGen Lab
292 348 VA191 Excuse me, there’s a Renaissance festival I have to be at. InGen Lab InGen Lab
293 349 VA192 It’s cold in here. InGen Lab InGen Lab
294 350 VA193 This is where he did it. UNUSED UNUSED
295 351 VA194 Okay, plan B. UNUSED InGen Lab
296 352 VA195 Anne the safecracker. UNUSED InGen Lab
N/A 353 VA196 Okay. Weight corresponds to resistance. N/A InGen Lab
N/A 354 VA197 There must be a way to work it out. I know the blue one is 75… N/A InGen Lab
297 355 VA198 Wait. If the data is still in here, I could conceivably be a very rich girl. All it takes is a modem… InGen Lab InGen Lab
298 356 VA199 Victory. UNUSED InGen Lab
299 357 VA200 Please just work. UNUSED InGen Lab
300 358 VA201 Yes! UNUSED InGen Lab
301 359 VA202 “Up the well.” UNUSED InGen Lab
302 360 VA203 Score! UNUSED InGen Lab
303 361 VA204 The data is still in there. Download codes, satellite links. Hammond’s legacy. UNUSED InGen Lab
304 362 VA205 The mountaintop station is it then. Last chance. InGen Town UNUSED
305 363 VA206 This must be as far west as the Mayans ever came. It’s like looking at the edge of the world. Ascent 1 UNUSED
306 364 VA207 Warning: Mountain dangerously high. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A 365 VA208 Okay? You want to take me on? N/A Ascent 2
307 366 VA209 I do not get vertigo, I do not get vertigo… UNUSED UNUSED
308 367 VA210 Come on then, who’s first? Ascent 2 Ascent 2
309 368 VA211 This is crazy! UNUSED UNUSED
N/A 369 VA212 But they screwed it up, didn’t they? Too many men, too many machines. N/A UNUSED
310 370 VA213 I bet you can see all the way to Costa Rica, or Panama. Ascent 2 Ascent 2
311 371 VA214 Oh, there isn’t much to tell. You know. I went to the party. I wore the little black dress. It was beautiful. I guess I didn’t want to be alone, or something. He… It wasn’t what I wanted. I guess it doesn’t matter now. I’m not going back. UNUSED UNUSED
312 372 VA215 It must be 40 degrees up here. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A 373 VA216 It must be somewhere on the – whatever – rimmy thing, the… Caldera. N/A UNUSED
313 374 VA217 Looks like the rim collapsed a little. UNUSED UNUSED
314 375 VA218 This eventually has to go somewhere. Jungle Road Jungle Road
315 376 VA219 Hello? UNUSED UNUSED

Anne – Caution

316 377 ANNECAUTION1 Take it slow. UNUSED UNUSED
319 380 ANNECAUTION4 Keep it tight. UNUSED UNUSED
320 381 ANNECAUTION5 Watch the corners. UNUSED UNUSED

Anne – Scaring off dinosaurs

321 382 ANNEDINOFLEE1 Go! Go on, get away! UNUSED UNUSED
322 383 ANNEDINOFLEE2 Scared it off. UNUSED UNUSED
324 385 ANNEDINOFLEE4 Oh, thank god. UNUSED UNUSED

Anne – Killing dinosaurs

325 386 ANNEDINOKILL1 I’m fine. I’m fine. Oh god. Who would have thought. That I could do that. UNUSED UNUSED
326 387 ANNEDINOKILL2 Die, you bastard! UNUSED UNUSED
327 388 ANNEDINOKILL3 You’re afraid of me aren’t you? I think you’ve started to guess what’s happened. UNUSED UNUSED
328 389 ANNEDINOKILL4 Your kind is gone. You died millions of years before I was ever born. UNUSED UNUSED
329 390 ANNEDINOKILL5 It’s not your time now. It’s mine. UNUSED UNUSED
330 391 ANNEDINOKILL6 I don’t believe this. UNUSED UNUSED
331 392 ANNEDINOKILL7 I got it, I got it. I’m safe. UNUSED UNUSED
333 394 ANNEDINOKILL9 Going down for a little dirt nap! UNUSED UNUSED
334 395 ANNEDINOKILL10 One less threat to the American way of life. UNUSED UNUSED
335 396 ANNEDINOKILL11 Dinosaur park. What a great idea. Ascent 1 UNUSED

Anne – Shooting dinosaurs

336 397 ANNEDINOSHOOT1 I can do this. | Whoah! UNUSED | N/A UNUSED | N/A

Anne – Radio communication

340 401 ANNEENDGAME1 Um… Hello? Hello? UNUSED UNUSED
341 402 ANNEENDGAME2 Anyone out there? I need help! UNUSED UNUSED
342 403 ANNEENDGAME3 Ha! I mean yes, yes, I’m here, I’m on Site B. UNUSED UNUSED
343 404 ANNEENDGAME4 No, I’m not kidding! I’m on Site B, I’m on the dinosaur preserve, for god sake! UNUSED UNUSED
344 405 ANNEENDGAME5 I’m fine, I’m fine. Just – get me out of here! UNUSED UNUSED
345 406 ANNEENDGAME6 Thank you. I mean, “Roger that.” Over and out. UNUSED UNUSED
449 N/A VRADIO ANNE: Um… Hello? Hello? Anyone out there? I need help!
RADIO VOICE: This is a United States Navy priority channel. Identify yourself or clear the air.
ANNE: Ha! I mean yes, yes, I’m here, I’m on Site B.
RADIO VOICE: Right, right. We get this a lot. Listen, please clear the channel, or…
ANNE: No, I’m not kidding! I’m on Site B, I’m on the dinosaur preserve, for god sake!
RADIO VOICE: Please be advised, we’re triangulating your location and that transmitting on this frequency is a violation of…
BACKGROUND RADIO VOICE: Ah, sir? This is coming from the top of Mount Watson.
RADIO VOICE: Sorry ma’am, hold tight. Are you in any danger?
ANNE: I’m fine, I’m fine. Just – get me out of here!
RADIO VOICE: Hold your position ma’am – we’ve got people in the area. We’re dispatching a helicopter to your current location.
ANNE: Thank you. I mean, “Roger that.” Over and out.
Summit N/A

Anne – Frightened

346 407 ANNEFEAR1 I don’t wanna die here. UNUSED UNUSED
347 408 ANNEFEAR2 I can get through this. I’m a big girl. UNUSED UNUSED
348 409 ANNEFEAR3 Okay, I’m really kind of scared now. UNUSED UNUSED

Anne – Puzzle oriented

349 410 ANNEGENERAL1 It’s pretty heavy. UNUSED UNUSED
350 411 ANNEGENERAL2 Okay, which way do we go here? UNUSED UNUSED
351 412 ANNEGENERAL3 There’s gotta be a trick to this. UNUSED UNUSED
352 413 ANNEGENERAL4 There must be some way through here. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A 414 ANNEGENERAL5 Just think. What are the givens here? N/A UNUSED
N/A 415 ANNEGENERAL6 Okay, that didn’t work. N/A UNUSED
353 416 ANNEGENERAL7 That looks too far to jump. UNUSED UNUSED
354 417 ANNEGENERAL8 I can make it. UNUSED UNUSED

Anne – Picking up items

356 419 ANNEGET1 He was shouting when we went down, trying to level us out. Beach Beach
357 420 ANNEGET3 Must have been that little girl’s. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A 421 ANNEGET4 It’s like a garage door opener. Missing the battery, though. N/A UNUSED

Anne – Picking up guns

N/A 422 AnneGetGun1 Um, ready to rock. Anne, you never even held a gun, except dad’s. On a dare. N/A UNUSED
358 423 AnneGetGun2 Heavier than I thought. Beach UNUSED
359 424 AnneGetGun3 Ooh, ladies’ model! InGen Town UNUSED
360 425 AnneGetGun4 Are these even legal? UNUSED UNUSED
361 426 AnneGetGun5 Oh my god! UNUSED UNUSED
362 427 AnneGetGun6 Oh, this is good. This is very good. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A N/A AnneGetGun7 Bond. James, Bond. N/A N/A

Anne – Basketball

363 428 AnneHoop1 Nuthin’ but net. InGen Town UNUSED
446 N/A AnneHoop2 At center court… five foot 9… UNUSED N/A

Anne – Idle

364 429 AnneIdle1 (Humming a tune) UNUSED UNUSED
365 430 AnneIdle2 (Humming a tune) UNUSED UNUSED
N/A N/A AnneIdle3 (Humming a tune) N/A N/A
383 453 AnneIdle4 (Sighing) UNUSED UNUSED
366 431 AnneIdle5 Getting a little bored, here. UNUSED UNUSED
367 432 AnneIdle6 Fine. I can wait as long as you can. UNUSED UNUSED

Anne – Swimming

368 433 ANNESWIM1 It’s warm. Beach Beach
369 434 ANNESWIM2 I don’t think I feel like swimming. Beach Beach
370 435 ANNESWIM3 Okay, I really don’t feel like swimming. Beach Beach
371 436 ANNESWIM4 It’s not like I can swim to America. Beach Beach
N/A N/A ANNESWIM5 Something’s moving. N/A N/A
N/A N/A ANNESWIM6 The current’s just too strong. N/A N/A

Anne – Tired

372 437 ANNETIRE1 God, I’m out of shape. UNUSED UNUSED
373 438 ANNETIRE2 …really should have used that stair machine… UNUSED UNUSED
374 439 ANNETIRE3 (Breathing hard) UNUSED UNUSED
375 440 ANNETIRE4 (Breathing hard) UNUSED UNUSED
376 441 ANNETIRE5 (Breathing hard) UNUSED UNUSED

Anne – Using items

N/A 442 AnneUse1 Uh, no battery. N/A UNUSED
N/A 443 AnneUse2 I’m really going to need to find a battery, here. N/A UNUSED
N/A 444 AnneUse3 Yay! Scary toy clown! N/A UNUSED
445 445 AnneUse4 I throw like a girl. UNUSED UNUSED
454 446 AnneUse5 “Card’s in the Atlantic. Good luck.” Amateurs! InGen Lab InGen Lab

Anne – Using guns

377 447 ANNEUSEGUN1 So that’s what that feels like! Beach UNUSED
379 449 ANNEUSEGUN3 Keep it steady. Beach UNUSED
381 451 ANNEUSEGUN5 Short, controlled- whatever. UNUSED UNUSED
382 452 ANNEUSEGUN6 I like it. | I didn’t know they made automatics this small! UNUSED | N/A UNUSED | N/A
N/A N/A ANNEUSEGUN7 “Spared no expense.” N/A N/A
N/A N/A ANNEUSEGUN8 (Surprised laughter) N/A N/A


N/A 48 VH1 By 1989, International Genetic Technologies had succeeded in their design, to genetically recreate the dinosaurs. It was an unprecedented accomplishment, the pinnacle of 20th-century science, a work to rank with the achievements of Galileo, or Einstein. But it was not all so easy or so simple as it appeared. One seldom hears the true history of such events – what happened at the place where the world changed. How it began, what were the reasons, what was the cost. N/A UNUSED
42 49 VH2 My name is John Parker Hammond. I was born on March 14th, 1928. Beach Beach
43 50 VH3 What follows is a record of certain events in which I took part, between the years 1980 and 1997, on an island I will call Site B. UNUSED UNUSED
44 51 VH4 Site B was not to be a theme park, but a research station. This was where we did the real work. UNUSED UNUSED
45 52 VH5 …the greatest discovery of the 20th century… Beach Beach
N/A N/A N/A Sooner or later, someone will come – Biosyn or American intelligence, or some godforsaken treasure hunter. Our research data have become unthinkably valuable. N/A N/A
46 53 VH6 A Nobel Prize, or a financial empire awaits somewhere in a darkened room, in a dirty derelict building somewhere in the Pacific. Beach Beach
14 19 VH7 A forest this wild, this unknown, has not been seen by any human since the great hunters of the early Pliocene. Beach Beach
47 54 VH8 I can picture them moving cautiously through the dusty rooms in bulky biohazard gear, clutching rifles, poring over our records, reading our files. Beach Beach
N/A N/A N/A Our computers are obsolete, and our network links are down. If they want it, they will have to come for it. But I believe it is too well hidden, and in far too dangerous a place. N/A N/A
15 20 VH9 The mysterious John Hammond – shady investor, multimillionaire, jovial mad scientist. Beach Beach
16 21 VH10 The technology, the real trick of it, is still in there. In a darkened room, in an empty building with a dirty floor, it waits. The flashpoint, the origin of Jurassic park. Beach Beach
N/A N/A N/A The lab I showed them in Jurassic Park was too good to be true. I had to do the dirty work elsewhere. N/A N/A
48 55 VH11 The main laboratory and administrative buildings. This was where we made our discovery, where the real magic trick happened. When they come to dig up our secrets, they’ll come here. InGen Lab InGen Lab
N/A N/A N/A This was to be the center of my empire, a gigantic spidery lattice of money, science, and shadowy agreements. N/A N/A
17 22 VH12 An idea brought me awake one morning in New York. I almost didn’t write it down. Jungle Road Jungle Road
N/A N/A N/A It was 1979, and the biotech industry was just beginning to boom. Genetech and Biosyn were making hundreds of millions. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A I took my idea to two Stanford geneticists, Norman Atherton and Henry Wu. Norman was tops in the field, a man of my generation, Henry, his protégé. N/A N/A
18 23 VH13 Sunlight angled down through the dusty air in Norman’s office and I leaned against a solid oak table, as I outlined my plans for International Genetic Technologies. Jungle Road Jungle Road
N/A N/A N/A I met with a group of Japanese investors, Hamaguri and Densaka. In the end, only the Japanese had the patience for my 8-year plan. N/A N/A
19 24 VH14 It was the flowering of an ambition born 50 years ago – 50 years of struggle come to this. Jungle Road Jungle Road
N/A N/A N/A In early 1980 I surveyed a number of small islands in the Caribbean and Pacific. As I peered from the window of a survey plane, Isla Sorna came into view, untouched since the Spanish Colonial era. N/A N/A
20 25 VH15 Isla Sorna. Costa Rica lay to the east, a quiet neighbor. To the west, open water and the shipping lanes of the Pacific. Jungle Road Jungle Road
21 26 VH16 The southern beach looked out over trackless ocean. Down past Peru, all the way to Antarctica. Beach Beach
49 56 VH17 A few weeks after we first landed, we went to the summit to put up a crude satellite link. Summit Summit
50 57 VH18 We went up by helicopter. Young technicians scrambled to set up the dish as the wind howled. High-speed uplink… state of the art. Summit Summit
51 58 VH19 If we succeeded, the InGen technology would be historic. We were planning to conquer time’s power over life, its power to extinguish and erase. It would change all our lives, as profoundly, as irrevocably as the atomic bomb. Summit Summit
N/A N/A N/A We built our main buildings inland, to hide the extent of our operation. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A We began the secondary roads and walls. From our first encampment, the complex spread out in great circles or waves. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A The first trees fell. Meter by meter, we pushed our way through the jungle. N/A N/A
52 59 VH20 1982. Robert Muldoon I already knew. Dennis Nedry I found in Cambridge, and despite his idiosyncrasies, he was years ahead of his competition. UNUSED UNUSED
53 60 VH21 Dennis fancied himself quite the hacker. He had his own locks for his door. His office decorations were quite outside company regulations. UNUSED UNUSED
54 61 VH22 Henry Wu was an only child, from Ohio. A prodigy, he gained early attention for his undergraduate thesis at MIT. InGen Town InGen Town
55 62 VH23 3 Cray X-MP’s moved more data, faster, than any computer center in the Americas. Industrial Jungle Industrial Jungle
56 63 VH24 In 11 months, Site B became the most powerful genetics facility in the world. Industrial Jungle UNUSED
57 64 VH25 In a quiet, locked room, the extinction of species, the history of life on earth is being methodically reversed. Industrial Jungle UNUSED
58 65 VH26 The first task was genetic recovery – acquiring Jurassic or Cretaceous amber, extracting preserved DNA, and reassembling the completed sequences. “Bringing it up the well”, we called it. Industrial Jungle UNUSED
N/A N/A N/A Jurassic DNA is rather thin on the ground in our times, and in 1980, there was no way to be sure it existed at all. N/A N/A
59 66 VH27 I spared no expense, permitted no failures. Industrial Jungle UNUSED
N/A N/A N/A My agents brought insect-bearing amber from the shores of the Baltic Sea, from African bazaars, from museums in Warsaw and Leningrad, even New Jersey. N/A N/A
27 32 VH28 By 1985 we held 13 new patents. Industrial Jungle Industrial Jungle
N/A N/A VH29 I began to have my first inkling of the seriousness of our work. How deep the well was. This was life from 65 or 100 million years before mankind. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A By the end of the second year, there was a buzz, a tiny buzz in the highest academic circles. No definite word, nothing published. But they knew something was happening. N/A N/A
28 33 VH30 November 1985. Test fertilization of an artificial ovum. My hands shook as I held the tiny eye dropper. One drop, two drops. There! The genie was out of the bottle. Industrial Jungle Industrial Jungle
N/A N/A N/A We had gone beyond CalTech, beyond Stanford or Princeton. There was no precedent, no reference point in the field. N/A N/A
29 34 VH31 The Raptor took shape inside its egg and I watched it on the ultrasound monitor. It looked like a ghost, or a puff of smoke. Industrial Jungle Industrial Jungle
N/A N/A N/A 1986. The first dinosaur to prove viable in the modern age was a small Albertosaur, revision three-oh-eight. It had behavioral quirks and a chronic skin infection, but it lived. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A Dinosaurs do not thrive in captivity. They grow vicious and stop eating, pacing their cages. We had no choice but to release them into the wild. N/A N/A
60 67 VH32 We released the first Raptor on April 22nd, 1985. It wandered back and forth near the wall for four minutes and twenty-two seconds before hearing a noise, which drew it further off into the brush. Industrial Jungle UNUSED
N/A N/A N/A Our preparations were exhaustive: concrete moats, seismic sensors, 24-hour guard, electrical fencing, video monitors… N/A N/A
61 68 VH33 In the jungle, the forest and the mountain, three Raptor tribes staked out territory. Albertosaurs and the seven T-Rex chose their dominions. Uneasy borders drawn around forests, ridges and ponds. Industrial Jungle UNUSED
62 69 VH34 Not all the original species survived. In the end, only a few adjusted to the new world. These became dominant. Industrial Jungle UNUSED
63 70 VH35 A third tribe of raptors took the mountain for their territory. A leaner, tougher breed, quick, living on birds and tiny lizards. UNUSED UNUSED
64 71 VH36 We tagged the most dangerous animals with radio collars that transmitted a warning signal. Workmen carried little boxes that played a tone when a tagged animal came near… at which point the workers would panic and flee in terror. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A N/A N/A I fired one, twice, thrice. The Raptor thrashed in the dust. N/A N/A
65 72 VH37 By 1987, the first of them had reached full size. The ecosystem of another era began to reassert itself. Industrial Jungle UNUSED
N/A N/A N/A 1988. The Raptor watched me through the reinforced glass of the holding room. This was the alpha female. It seemed to know me. Its partner in a nameless, endless, conflict. N/A N/A
66 73 VH38 The raptor padded in towards sundown. It drank nervously, careful of the dangers of the Jurassic waterhole. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A 74 VH39 Several hours later, we discovered that it had come in through the sewage pipes. N/A UNUSED
N/A N/A N/A When the alarm sounded, workers threw down their tools and fled. Muldoon went into the field to investigate. N/A N/A
67 75 VH40 For four months we had monitored it while it preyed on herds in the southern forest. We never knew why it grew so large. In the summer of 1988 it began moving north. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A N/A N/A We retreated, landing by landing. Robert stood at the third level, coolly aiming and firing. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A The workmen sweated and complained in the sun. Armed guards stood round, pacing warily, and we drove the road south. N/A N/A
68 76 VH41 1988. Workers from the mainland were pouring concrete supports, for a rail system running north to the settlement. UNUSED UNUSED
69 77 VH42 May, 1989. We began laying foundations on the south beach for a hotel for visiting scientists and businessmen. A year hence, I thought, the island would be quite famous. InGen Town InGen Town
70 78 VH43 Bankruptcy! I leaned against the wall. My whole body shook. InGen Town InGen Town
71 79 VH44 I dropped the mug. It shattered. I let it lie there. We would be leaving soon anyway. InGen Town InGen Town
72 80 VH45 When it became known that I was bankrupt, workers simply dropped their tools and walked away. InGen Town InGen Town
N/A N/A N/A Economics! The bankruptcy struck Site B with more force than the hurricane. N/A N/A
73 81 VH46 Buildings were stripped of everything valuable. InGen Town InGen Town
74 82 VH47 We sealed off the town, save for a few crucial gates – southward to the lowlands, eastward to the power plant and laboratory. InGen Town InGen Town
N/A N/A N/A Later that day we closed the Eastern gate permanently. I retained a passcode of course, and left it in a hidden place. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A The last of the worker team came in, and we rushed to shut the gate behind them. N/A N/A
75 83 VH48 We sealed the eastern gate for the last time. Gazing from my study window, I hit on a simple mnemonic for the passcode. Like Nedry, I felt I needed to keep a backdoor open. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A N/A N/A We drove east with a heavy escort, in a light rain – no one felt safe in on the plains any more. N/A N/A
76 84 VH49 As we left, we vandalized our own locking mechanisms. InGen tolerates no trespassers. UNUSED Pine Valley
77 85 VH50 Technicians and workmen crowded the docks, fearing they might be left behind when the security ring collapsed. Armed guards stood watch. InGen Lab UNUSED
78 86 VH51 Two German technicians were accused of conspiring to walk out with crucial research materials. InGen Lab InGen Lab
N/A N/A N/A David Graff and Hans Tubke were caught at midnight by the waterfront. In the hysteria of the final days, they were nearly shot. N/A N/A
79 87 VH52 They had planned to breach the main computer vault and remove some of the data stored there. No proof was ever found. InGen Lab InGen Lab
N/A N/A N/A Fortunately the Bowmans settled out of court, but the damage had been done. N/A N/A
80 88 VH53 October, 1996. The InGen corporation is taken out of my hands, by a vote of the board of directors. My nephew dispatches his team. Ascent 2 Ascent 2
81 89 VH54 The hunters landed on May 13th, 1997, deep in the island’s southwest. Most of them had worked at my African parks for years. They never stood a chance. Industrial Jungle Industrial Jungle
82 90 VH55 The InGen hunting party carried the passcodes for our perimeter fences. UNUSED UNUSED
83 91 VH56 The hunters scattered, their prearranged hunting routes forgotten. Only a third of their number appeared at the rendezvous. Jungle Road UNUSED
N/A N/A N/A A sea like glass… N/A N/A
22 27 VH57 In May the rains began. The smell of the jungle was everywhere. Beach Beach
84 92 VH58 As I journeyed south along the coast, the air grew moist and heavy. Metal and concrete lay rotting in the sun and the rain. UNUSED UNUSED
23 28 VH59 1981. I stumbled out of the helicopter, already beginning to sweat, and looked around at the lush forest, the wet leaves. Industrial Jungle UNUSED
85 93 VH60 I stood on the lip of the cliff, the wind blowing my hair. It might have been a morning in the early Jurassic. UNUSED UNUSED
30 35 VH61 The jungle canopy hung over us. There was an utter silence. Far away I could hear a jeep engine idling. Industrial Jungle Industrial Jungle
N/A N/A N/A A clap of thunder – ancient predators looked up to see dust rising from a dynamite explosion. N/A N/A
24 29 VH62 In the winter we began building the supports for the elevated transit system that would unify the island. Concrete towers rose through the jungle canopy. Jungle Road Jungle Road
86 94 VH63 The sky at noon was like nothing in Europe. Hot, tropical, a new world. UNUSED UNUSED
87 95 VH64 The forest smelled of wet leaves, damp earth, rotting wood. Ascent 1 UNUSED
88 96 VH65 Water seeped into everything. InGen Town InGen Town
89 97 VH66 As I write this, tiles are cracking, smeared with windblown dirt and animal tracks. Thick tree roots are pushing up through the asphalt. The island settles itself, beginning to erase all trace of us… InGen Town InGen Town
N/A N/A N/A Waking to the smell of the jungle, the distant call of an Apatosaur. N/A N/A
90 98 VH67 On the plain the heat was extraordinary, like a solid wall. InGen Town InGen Town
91 99 VH68 When I was little I dreamed of a time when the entire world was covered by an ancient first-growth forest. Great hunters stalked in the cool darkness, among silent, huge columnar trees – oaks, and sequoias. Ascent 1 Pine Valley
92 100 VH69 I stepped out of the jeep and stretched my legs. The two guards attended to the wheel, and just for an instant I stood alone, unprotected in the Jurassic wilderness. I felt the air currents around me, heard a single tree rustle. UNUSED Pine Valley
N/A N/A N/A The party took shelter in the shade, by a still pool under a rock cliff. We had been hiking most of the day. N/A N/A
93 101 VH70 …cameras, and seismic instruments in yellow crates. They set them in the dust as the helicopter rose. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A N/A N/A The gorge was shadowed even at midday. N/A N/A
94 102 VH71 The steam pipes hissed and spat. Water pumped deep into the earth and came back super-heated. UNUSED Pine Valley
95 103 VH72 Chinese sailors singing in a curious keening falsetto as they unloaded the synthetic polymer eggs. UNUSED InGen Lab
96 104 VH73 …the smells of salt water and gasoline. InGen Lab InGen Lab
97 105 VH74 Far out to sea we would sometimes glimpse the US Coast Guard units assigned to observe our activity. InGen Lab InGen Lab
N/A N/A N/A He focused on the distant Raptor, sighted down the barrel with his clear, perfect eye. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A I would often walk out on the piers when we received shipments. The mingled languages, the salt of the sea air, the burnt-oil smell of industry… N/A N/A
98 106 VH75 It was strange to move from the field, the hot sun, dirt on one’s trouser-cuffs, into the cool, sterile darkness of the lab. InGen Lab InGen Lab
N/A N/A N/A On my last visit the iron was beginning to rust, and part of the staircase had cracked and fallen away. N/A N/A
99 107 VH76 The sharp tang of the preservative chemicals. The coolness and hush of the sterile chamber. The daily ritual of decontamination. InGen Lab InGen Lab
100 108 VH77 The centrifuge whirred night and day. The slow alchemy of genetic replication. InGen Lab InGen Lab
101 109 VH78 The clear fluid held a cloudy layer of DNA strands. InGen Lab InGen Lab
N/A N/A N/A The tiny amber jewel held an ancient world. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A The scientists fascinated me – each working alone in the night, seeming to seek some central revelation. Acolytes of a strange, lonely, futile passion. N/A N/A
102 110 VH79 Keyboards rattled into the early morning. Ranks of green CRT screens displayed collated genetic data. InGen Lab InGen Lab
N/A N/A N/A Dennis was playing a dungeon game of his own devising, running it at fantastic speed on our network. Walking corridors sketched in lines of light, stealing treasures from ancient kings. N/A N/A
103 111 VH80 We worked long into the night. Feeling at times as if the whole of the earth had fallen away outside, leaving only the darkness, the work, the endless questing into the past. InGen Lab InGen Lab
N/A N/A N/A Two old stone pillars, with a cryptic monogram. We opted to let them stand. N/A N/A
104 112 VH81 A failed coffee plantation of the 1860’s. Fields were marked out by stone walls. To the west, the ruins of the plantation house still stand. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A 113 VH82 We took a shortcut south to reach the site – west along the stream, until a tall tree shows itself, with a cluster of boulders at its base. N/A UNUSED
N/A 114 VH83 Then walk northward, until the path appears. N/A UNUSED
N/A N/A N/A Workers smuggled in weapons for their own protection. N/A N/A
N/A 115 VH84 The power station was situated on the western coast, residences were southeast and inland. N/A InGen Town
105 116 VH85 Some of my personal papers have been transferred to diskette. InGen Town InGen Town
N/A N/A N/A Requisitions for laboratory supplies; personnel uniforms; amber samples; prefabricated housing; trucks; kilometers of fencing… N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A In the plains to the northeast, we cultivated a different style of ecosystem. N/A N/A
106 117 VH86 The Albertosaurs took to the open fields like lions to the Serengeti. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A 118 VH87 The battery would last at least 20 years and wear like iron. N/A UNUSED
107 119 VH88 The pylons run for kilometers, one every hundred meters or so. I built them to last. Running east from the plant, they climbed the valley, before descending south into the plains. InGen Town InGen Town
N/A 120 VH89 A tank of greenish water, tinted by an algae-killing chemical, circulated through the massive cooling tower. This reservoir was filled from a pump in the valley, some ways away. N/A Pine Valley
108 121 VH90 The main harbor for Site B. InGen Lab InGen Lab
109 122 VH91 The docks were the lifeblood of Site B. Amber, synthetic eggshell, and livestock came from all over the Pacific Rim. InGen Lab InGen Lab
N/A N/A N/A The US watches its imports and exports too carefully for my purposes. We dealt mainly with China and Russia, trading on the grey market. N/A N/A
110 123 VH92 The “Emily” was a tug for bringing in the bigger freighters. Occasionally we took it out to observe specimens from offshore, or to sweep the tide for traces of our operation. InGen Lab InGen Lab
111 124 VH93 It was scuttled in 1989, as a quarantine measure soon after I gave the government my testimony. InGen Lab InGen Lab
25 30 VH94 InGen Standard Safari Vehicle. State of the art. Jungle Road Jungle Road
112 125 VH95 Lindstradt guns, by the way. Swedish-made. Unbeatable for accuracy and rate of fire. Jungle Road Jungle Road
113 126 VH96 InGen Reception. I had planned that someday visitors – scientists and politicians – would be welcomed here. UNUSED InGen Lab
N/A N/A N/A The Hamachi-Hood gene sequencers were fat boxes in dirty white casings, terribly heavy and damnably expensive. N/A N/A
114 127 VH97 Site B was fully centralized and computer-controlled. The same design that became the Achilles heel of Jurassic Park. InGen Lab InGen Lab
115 128 VH98 Diagnostics, communications, security all ran through the computer. Accordingly, computer security was paramount, the tightest on the island. InGen Lab InGen Lab
116 129 VH99 Left to itself, the facility reverts to minimal power – chiefly battery-powered security systems. It can sustain itself almost indefinitely. InGen Town InGen Town
N/A N/A N/A A few days after the landing, Robert and I hiked south through the jungle. Over the years, the summer rains had carved deep channels in the volcanic rock. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A Site B was not a zoo, like Jurassic Park. It was more of a colony in a dangerous wilderness. Our buildings were outposts in another era. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A The residential protective wall was a Site B institution. As it was under constant observation, it was a prized target for graffiti artists. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A The third dam in a planned system of five, which would have regulated the flow of water throughout the island. The only one ever built. N/A N/A
117 130 VH100 Building the town was hard. Costa Rican contractors were competent people, but they had to be transported, fed, housed, and afterwards, bound to silence. InGen Town InGen Town
118 131 VH101 The biotechnicians were compensated for living in exile. High pay, luxury housing. Dennis wanted computer time, and money; Henry wanted his state of the art entertainments. These were the elite, who could have gone anywhere to work. I had to keep them here. InGen Town InGen Town
N/A N/A N/A Once the island was made known to the world, it would be a permanent settlement, perhaps even a sovereign island. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A The security officers formed their own social group, swapping war stories and discussing reaction speeds. N/A N/A
119 132 VH102 A passcode let us control access to the valley and the power station beyond. UNUSED UNUSED
26 31 VH103 Curving up out of the southern basin, the Atherton Causeway would bring visiting scientists north from the southern beach. Jungle Road Jungle Road
N/A N/A N/A The mountaintop uplink was vital to our operations. To maintain it, we blasted a road winding clockwise up the eastern face. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A We shared the island with the crumbling remains of a vanished Mayan splinter civilization. N/A N/A
120 133 VH104 The buildings followed a scheme I only vaguely understood, marking seasons, the lunar year, and the movements of the stars. Ascent 1 UNUSED
N/A N/A N/A Oddly, an inscription read, “…and there they will raise the temple of the moon, and its roots shall know the depths of time…” N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A A mere lad from Ontario, where he had enjoyed some success controlling wildlife overpopulation in the national parks. He was out of his element on Isla Sorna. N/A N/A
121 134 VH105 An ex-policeman from South Africa, a sort of soldier-of-fortune character. UNUSED UNUSED
122 135 VH106 Known as “The Maharajah” to his fellows, highly skilled but only works alone. He was meant to radio for pickup from the comm station. Ascent 1 UNUSED
123 136 VH107 I was unable to find any records whatsoever on Michael Sullivan, beyond the sole fact that his flight to the rendezvous originated in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. UNUSED UNUSED
124 137 VH108 LaSalle was a disciple of Roland’s. A sometime poacher, fancied himself a master hunter. UNUSED UNUSED
125 138 VH109 Marden, A. S.: still missing. UNUSED UNUSED
126 139 VH110 Karamcheti, V.: still missing. UNUSED UNUSED
127 140 VH111 Sullivan, R. M.: still missing. UNUSED UNUSED
128 141 VH112 LaSalle, P.: still missing. UNUSED UNUSED
129 142 VH113 Van Horn, S. T.: still missing. UNUSED UNUSED
130 143 VH114 Lystrata, A. L.: deceased. UNUSED UNUSED
131 144 VH115 Albertosaur. A loner, fast and strong, eking out a living between the seven Tyrannosaur and the three raptor tribes. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A N/A N/A Gallimimus, “chicken-mimic”. Fastest runner on the island, an eater of insects, eggs, and small mammals. N/A N/A
132 145 VH116 Velociraptor, a small theropod. Native to China and Mongolia. Pack-hunter, quite vicious, and quite intelligent. Beach UNUSED
N/A N/A N/A The fossil record shows raptors living like wolves or lions, hunting in groups. Ours did the same – perhaps a genetically coded social trait. N/A N/A
133 146 VH117 Brachiosaur – oldest of our re-creations by 50 million years. The only true Jurassic native. Beach UNUSED
134 147 VH118 One of the largest creatures ever to live, the brachiosaur moved like planets among the smaller species. UNUSED UNUSED
135 148 VH119 Tyrannosaurus Rex. Tyrant lizard, they reigned for 25 million years. We grew 7 of them, the 7 rulers of the island. Industrial Jungle Industrial Jungle
136 149 VH120 Despite what we had been led to believe, the T-rex was not a scavenger at all. We clocked one at 50 kilometers an hour. Industrial Jungle Industrial Jungle
137 150 VH121 Triceratops. With the Tyrannosaur, one of the last dinosaurs to live naturally on our planet. UNUSED UNUSED
138 151 VH122 It was in the last days of genetic recovery, and at this point nothing was certain. Was the DNA there? Could we bring it back, up the well? InGen Lab InGen Lab
139 152 VH123 It was 3AM. The room was strewn with soda cans and for the hundredth time, we ran the extraction sequence. InGen Lab InGen Lab
140 153 VH124 Dennis? What are we looking at here? InGen Lab InGen Lab
141 154 VH125 All my life I had waited for something great, something extraordinary. InGen Lab InGen Lab
142 155 VH126 And then, it opened up. The code read true. The barrier of time, for an instant, opened. Nedry and I stared into the monitor, straight back through 65 thousand centuries. InGen Lab InGen Lab
143 156 VH127 As Nedry typed, the world seemed to hold its breath, and for a moment we stood at the turning point between two great planetary eras – the million-year reign of man, and the age of the dinosaurs. InGen Lab InGen Lab
443 514 VH128 She would not answer me at first. I asked her again. UNUSED UNUSED
144 157 VH129 Lord Darley’s charity luncheon, a society event, £200 a ticket. A bit of a step up for me, socially. I was seated with this very pleasant young woman. InGen Town UNUSED
145 158 VH130 I would gaze at her, at dinner parties, in moments when she was distracted. InGen Town UNUSED
146 159 VH131 The hair on her upper lip. The way she exhaled the smoke from her cigarette. InGen Town UNUSED
147 160 VH132 I stammered, I was not certain what I should say. She laughed, though, and seemed charmed. She asked me to call again tomorrow. InGen Town UNUSED
148 161 VH133 At 2AM I called, once again. She had still not come home, nor did they know where she was. I… I didn’t leave my name. InGen Town UNUSED
149 162 VH134 She would not answer me at first. I asked her again. Partygoers glanced curiously in my direction. Candle light blurred in my vision. InGen Town UNUSED
150 163 VH135 I will never forget this, and I will never forgive, I swear it. This is the last time. InGen Town UNUSED
151 164 VH136 I’m sure you’ve heard the rest of the story. On the television news, or in the tabloids. Ascent 2 Ascent 2
152 165 VH137 In 1989, the park was nearly complete. Our investors demanded on-site approval and I, idiotically as it now turned out, believed we were ready. Ascent 2 Ascent 2
N/A N/A N/A I left in the morning for Choteau, Montana, buoyant and slightly desperate. I would find Drs. Grant and Sattler, get a statement of some sort. N/A N/A
153 166 VH138 The debacle of August 27th, 1989, is now quite well known, and the legal consequences were as you may imagine rather extensive. Ascent 2 Ascent 2
154 167 VH139 On October the 3rd, 1989, I sat on a wooden bench in the waiting room in Washington, DC. A government panel put me on the stand. As my name was read out, the session room went silent. I walked up the isle towards the stand. I was being called to account, but I had no clear explanation to give. Ascent 2 Ascent 2
N/A N/A VH140 As my name was read out, the session room went silent. I walked up the isle towards the stand. I was being called to account, but I had no clear explanation to give. N/A N/A
155 168 VH141 Save that… in her voice or her walk, there was a world of grace and sophistication that I knew I was forever barred from. UNUSED UNUSED
156 169 VH142 I gave myself over to the strange, lonely discipline of the market – investment strategies and profit. I stood apart, master of codes and lost worlds, of heat and cold and the sleep of a hundred million years. Ascent 2 Ascent 2
157 170 VH143 My work… my work lies where I left it, if there is anyone brave enough and clever enough to take it and return – the keys to time, perhaps the foundation of a new empire. Ascent 2 Ascent 2
158 171 VH144 On that last day, I stood apart from the rest of them. The helicopters were setting down. Before me the jungle spread out, and I saw that a savage, primal age had begun again. Summit Ascent 2
159 172 VH145 Come on, son. Get us out of here. Summit Summit
N/A N/A N/A In school they showed me a picture of a swamp, with giant lizards fighting. They said, “This is the way the world once was, long ago.” N/A N/A
160 173 VH146 I left home at 15, with the rather romantic idea of seeking my fortune. I remember the train ride south, in my best clothes, eating an apple. The entire world before me. UNUSED UNUSED
161 174 VH147 When I came to London I had neither fortune nor education nor connections. Nothing! InGen Town InGen Town
162 175 VH148 A “Lost World” is a sort of scientific myth. An evolutionary scenario in which an ecosystem is isolated and preserved. The rest of the world changes, leaving a tiny, fragile pocket where ancient species survive. Jungle Road Jungle Road
163 176 VH149 American-made tranquilizer darts. The effect changes with the target’s body mass, temperament, and mood. I believe the phrase is, “Results may vary.” UNUSED UNUSED
N/A N/A N/A Who had decided to build a plantation on this lonely island, so far out to sea? What were the circumstances of their departure? We were never to find any answers. It is a chilling thought that someday the same questions will be asked about our town, our lab, our power station. N/A N/A
164 177 VH150 Creation is an act of sheer will. Next time, it’ll be flawless! UNUSED UNUSED
N/A N/A N/A Occasionally we brought a specimen in for observation. I regret to say a sort of dinosaur rodeo would often develop. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A Never again. N/A N/A
165 178 VH151 Doctor Wu’s laboratory was a mystery to me. I never finished my schooling – I had a child’s idea of science. Test tubes, explosions, and miracles. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A N/A N/A At first it was only an affectation, a plaything. I hardly expected to be involved in gunplay. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A For some reason no one has ever explained to me, the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods bread a surplus of large, aggressive carnivores. By ’88, the flat land east of the town was a veritable Olympic Games of predation. N/A N/A
166 179 VH152 Hunting dinosaurs is quite a tricky business. I recommend helicopters, if you’ve got them. InGen Town InGen Town
N/A N/A N/A Muldoon did some ground hunting by jeep. Even with military hardware, it was a messy enterprise. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A A T-Rex wins against anything except a brachiosaur, or several triceratops, or a good jeep on a good road. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A Mankind is no match for the dinosaur. To be caught out alone on the plains – no one survives that. N/A N/A
167 180 VH153 We were neither the only covert business to thrive in Central America, nor the most dangerous. Industrial Jungle UNUSED
N/A N/A N/A I picture the Americans searching our wreckage. Awash with that particular feeling that comes from a ruin. The physical remnant of a lost world. N/A N/A
168 181 VH154 The raptor preened itself, utterly confident of its right to be there. Absolutely no consciousness that it was not the sovereign ruler of this earth. InGen Lab InGen Lab
N/A N/A N/A They saw the first mornings of the world, and lived through the closing of the first great age. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A I had an odd dream, of a mighty wizard who lived his life alone. N/A N/A
169 182 VH155 What if a mosquito sucked the blood of a dinosaur, one hundred million years ago? The insect is then covered in tree sap which, over the millennia, becomes amber. Jungle Road Jungle Road
170 183 VH156 The insect is preserved, perfectly. But you see, and here’s the clever part – wouldn’t the dinosaur blood be preserved as well? Jungle Road Jungle Road
171 184 VH157 The blood holds DNA, a tiny spiral of genetic code. Abra cadabra! Jungle Road Jungle Road
172 185 VH158 I still believe Nedry left himself a backdoor – something about the hobbits or god knows what. InGen Lab InGen Lab
N/A N/A N/A Understand, we were attempting to read a code far older than humanity itself. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A The darkness of the laboratory at night seemed like home to me. The intricate structure of the DNA, the interplay of markets and corporate holdings, the pixels on a computer monitor. It is something one can become lost in. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A We must all of us be conscious that we are creating the future. We will be remembered for this forever. N/A N/A
173 186 VH159 I first met Harold Greenwood in 1992. He was an American, introduced to me as a former Green Beret. He asked a number of questions about the disposition of the InGen Technology. InGen Town UNUSED
174 187 VH160 Harry claimed to be a friend of my former son-in-law. I liked him – he was confident, dashing. InGen Town UNUSED
N/A N/A N/A Sources say Harry later attempted to penetrate to the interior of the island. His plan was to reactivate the geothermal plant, then to gain access to the protected data at the main lab. N/A N/A
175 188 VH161 Greenwood carried some sort of electronic device, which we are told he built himself, based on plans he found on the internet. UNUSED UNUSED
N/A N/A N/A A background check on Harry Greenwood revealed nothing out of the ordinary: a community college education, a gun permit. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A Some effort was made to track Mr. Greenwood, but we never discovered what happened to him. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A He thought he would be a hero, an explorer, a Lawrence of Arabia braving danger. He did not understand what danger really is, how easily and unexpectedly death can come. N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A In Greek myth, Daedalus was a master artificer. The king from Crete commissioned from him a great labyrinth. Daedalus labored for 10 years to produce this thing. It was so bewildering that one could not take a single step inside without losing one’s way. Having built the maze, Daedalus himself became entrapped within it. N/A N/A
448 N/A VH162 I met a traveller from an antique land,
Who said – “two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert… Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed;
And on the pedestal, these words appear:
My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings,
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.”
Summit N/A
N/A N/A N/A “And thorns shall come up in her palaces, nettles and brambles in the fortresses thereof: and it shall be an habitation of dragons…” Isaiah 34:13 N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A Adenine. Cytosine. Thymine. Guanine. Uracil. N/A N/A
N/A 1 N/A The Raptor took shape inside its egg and I watched it on the ultrasound monitor. It looked like a ghost, or a puff of smoke. N/A UNUSED

Combined voiceovers

N/A 515 VC A120 – H128 ANNE: A diary. This is really old. 1951.
HAMMOND: She would not answer me at first. I asked her again.
428 498 VC A192 – H127 ANNE: It’s cold in here.
HAMMOND: As Nedry typed, the world seemed to hold its breath, and for a moment we stood at the turning point between two great planetary eras – the million-year reign of man, and the age of the dinosaurs.
384 454 VC H29 – A64 HAMMOND: I began to have my first inkling of the seriousness of our work. How deep the well was. This was life from 65 or 100 million years before mankind.
ANNE: I’ve really done it. This is not a normal situation.
Industrial Jungle Industrial Jungle
430 500 VC H49 – A154 HAMMOND: As we left, we vandalized our own locking mechanisms. InGen tolerates no trespassers.
ANNE: Not until now.
UNUSED Pine Valley
425 495 VC H97 – A179 HAMMOND: Site B was fully centralized and computer-controlled. The same design that became the Achilles heel of Jurassic Park.
ANNE: Everything gates off that computer.
426 496 VC H98 – A180 HAMMOND: Diagnostics, communications, security all ran through the computer. Accordingly, computer security was paramount, the tightest on the island.
ANNE: If the computer runs communications, I’ve gotta see if it’s intact, security or not.
447 N/A VC H128 – A120 HAMMOND: She would not answer me at first. I asked her again.
ANNE: A diary. This is really old. 1951.
InGen Town N/A
427 497 VC H158 – A189 HAMMOND: I still believe Nedry left himself a backdoor – something about the hobbits or god knows what.
ANNE: Please god no.


429 499 VCRAYCOMPUTER Activating systems. Satellite uplink… connected. Local transmitter down. Attempting connection to mountain top facility. InGen Lab InGen Lab
450 N/A Galvan Anne? Anne, are you there? It’s Jill, pick up the phone! God, don’t tell me your mom was serious? You’re in Costa Rica? Visiting the natives, huh? Sun, sand and adventure, my little Indiana Anne world traveler extraordinaire. Well give me a call when you get back, okay? By the way, I thought you hated flying? UNUSED N/A
442 513 SPEC-PHONE OPERATOR The main select board is temporarily unattended. Please contact your supervisor.
La computadora principal esta temporalmente fuera de servicio. Por favor contacte a su supdervisador.
Jungle Road Jungle Road
N/A 501 SPEC-TOUR GUIDE Welcome to Site B, an InGen Research Facility. For centuries mankind has wondered about the dinosaurs, the largest land animals ever to have lived. Now thanks to breakthrough technologies… N/A Beach

Brady Bell hidden text messages

#116 #96 NAME TEXT LOC116 LOC96
444 N/A VBB01 For my wife, Michelle. Your constant support and understanding is like none I’ve ever known. For two and a half years you stood by me and lifted me up during the most challenging period of my life. For all of this, I cannot repay you. I can only promise a return to a normal life. A sane husband and your best friend… all my love, Brady. Beach N/A
452 N/A VBB02 For my good friend, Kyle. You’ve heard it time and time again, but I’ve never been so impressed by a person’s work ethic. Without you, we would never have shipped this game, and I would’ve left long ago… I’m a better person for having you as a friend. I thank you, Brady. Beach N/A
453 N/A VBB03 For my buddy, Galvan. I’m glad we’ve grown up to be such close friends. For all the time you put in to learn, and the effort you put forth to make the audio what it is, I thank you. For hounding me about the worst film I know, “Titanic”… Burn in hell… Let’s make a film… Go Wings, Brady. Beach N/A

Game tutorial text

#116 #96 NAME TEXT LOC116 LOC96
431 502 Tutorial-Arm To move your arm, hold the left mouse button and move the mouse. UNUSED UNUSED
432 503 Tutorial-Bacwards To back up, press ‘X’. UNUSED UNUSED
433 504 Tutorial-Drop Press the right mouse button again to drop the item. UNUSED Beach
434 505 Tutorial-Fire To fire a gun, press the space bar. UNUSED Beach
435 506 Tutorial-Jump Press ‘Q’ to jump and ‘Z’ to crouch. UNUSED Beach
436 507 Tutorial-Look You can look around by moving the mouse. UNUSED UNUSED
437 508 Tutorial-PickUp To pick up an item, press ‘Z’ to crouch, move your hand towards the item, then press the right mouse button to pick it up. UNUSED Beach
438 509 Tutorial-Strafe Press ‘A’ and ‘D’ to step left and right. UNUSED UNUSED
439 510 Tutorial-Swing To hit something with an object, hold the left mouse button and space bar, and move the mouse to swing the object. UNUSED Beach
440 511 Tutorial-Throw To throw an object, hold the right mouse button, move the mouse in the direction you want to throw, then release the right mouse button. UNUSED UNUSED
441 512 Tutorial-Walk Press the ‘S’ key to walk slowly, press ‘W’ to run. UNUSED UNUSED


387 457 MUSIC – ALBERT BOOMS Albertosaur Booms UNUSED UNUSED
388 458 MUSIC – BEACH AMBIENT Beach Ambient Jungle Road UNUSED
389 459 MUSIC – CRASHED HELICOPTER Crashed Helicopter Industrial Jungle Industrial Jungle
391 461 MUSIC – GEO PLANT CONTROL ROOM Geothermal Control Room InGen Lab Pine Valley
392 462 MUSIC – GEO PLANT COURTYARD Geothermal Plant Ascent 1 Pine Valley
393 463 MUSIC – HAMMOND HOUSE Hammond’s House InGen Town UNUSED
394 464 MUSIC – HARBOR AMBIENT Harbor Ambient InGen Lab InGen Lab
451 N/A Music – IJ Hidden Overture – Atmospheres Industrial Jungle N/A
398 468 MUSIC – IJ JUNGLE AMBIENT 1 Industrial Jungle Ambient 1 Industrial Jungle Industrial Jungle
399 469 MUSIC – IJ JUNGLE AMBIENT 2 Industrial Jungle Ambient 2 Industrial Jungle Industrial Jungle
397 467 MUSIC – IJ REVEAL Industrial Jungle Reveal Ascent 1 UNUSED
401 471 MUSIC – INGEN COMPLEX AMB Complex Ambient InGen Lab InGen Lab
400 470 MUSIC – INGEN LAB BIOTECH InGen Biotech Building InGen Lab InGen Lab
402 472 MUSIC – INGEN LAB COMPUTER BLDG InGen Computer Building InGen Lab InGen Lab
403 473 MUSIC – ISLAND POWER RESTORED Island Power Restored UNUSED Pine Valley
385 455 MUSIC – JR GENERAL AMBIENT Ambient Jungle Road Jungle Road Industrial Jungle
386 456 MUSIC – JR UNEASY AMBIENT Ambient Uneasy Jungle Road UNUSED
404 474 MUSIC – MAYAN CITY Mayan City Ambient Ascent 1 UNUSED
405 475 MUSIC – MAYAN FACE/JEEP Mayan Face – Crashed Jeep Ascent 1 UNUSED
406 476 MUSIC – OPEN EAST GATE Opening The East Gate UNUSED UNUSED
410 480 MUSIC – PH Plantation House Jungle Road UNUSED
409 479 MUSIC – PLAINS TRAVELING #2 Traveling Music 2 InGen Lab InGen Lab
407 477 MUSIC – PV AMBIENT Pine Valley UNUSED Pine Valley
411 481 MUSIC – RAPTOR ATTACK #1 Raptor Attack 1 InGen Town UNUSED
412 482 MUSIC – RAPTOR ATTACK #2 Raptor Attack 2 Summit UNUSED
413 483 MUSIC – RAPTOR ATTACK #3 Raptor Attack 3 Summit Industrial Jungle
414 484 MUSIC – RAPTOR CHASE Raptor Chase Ascent 2 UNUSED
415 485 MUSIC – REVEAL OF DINO PLAIN Reveal Dinosaur Plains Beach Industrial Jungle
416 486 MUSIC – REVEAL OF LANDSCAPE Reveal Of Landscape UNUSED Pine Valley
390 460 MUSIC – SMUGGLER PLANE Crashed Smuggler Plane Industrial Jungle UNUSED
417 487 MUSIC – SUMMIT VICTORY Summit Victory (End Credits) UNUSED UNUSED
418 488 MUSIC – TOWN AMBIENT #1 Town Ambient 1 InGen Town UNUSED
419 489 MUSIC – TOWN AMBIENT #2 Town Ambient 2 InGen Town UNUSED
420 490 MUSIC – TREX ENCOUNTER #2 T-Rex Encounter 2 InGen Town UNUSED
422 492 MUSIC – TREX INTRO T-Rex Encounter 1 Industrial Jungle UNUSED
423 493 MUSIC – VIEW OF ISLAND View Of The Island Ascent 2 UNUSED