Trespasser: Easter Eggs & Mysteries

Note added by Tatu 2015-10-25: This page is outdated, please see the “Trespasser Trivia” page for extended information.

(from an idea by Remdul)

Compiled by Hilwo

Completed and edited by DarthRaptor52

Thanks to Gisla and T-Rextacy

#1 – Ocean view short cut (The Beach)
This is really a way of doing the first level without having to fight anything. At the beginning of the level, walk past the cliffs, with the ocean to your left and the foundation on your right. Keep going until you get to the cliff blocking your path. Now look below you on the muddy beach and let your self-drop down safely, a jump is needed because you have to make it to the muddy area or you’ll instantly die upon touching the water. There’s basically a lot of nothing now as you walk beyond the cliffs and you’ll see a lot of the “cardboard cut-out” trees. If you walk around the mountain (which will take a considerable amount of time) you’ll eventually see some trees and then the monorail station; from the side of the next level. Walking to them will trigger the next level.


#2 – Cathy’s beach (Jungle Road)
This is where Cathy and her parents first set food on Site B in The Lost World Jurassic Park.

The events that took place here on that day caused the board to take control of InGen from Hammon; and hence the events of The Lost World and Jurassic Park III took place, Ann’s Trespasser adventure would have happened anyway.


#3 – Hidden Valley (Jungle Road)

There is a hidden valley in the Jungle Road level. With the remains of the plantation house on your left travel right until you reach a Trike. They altered the terrain (the road goes straight up) so it would be inaccessable to us. Tele to -2222,253,23 in order to get to this, now hidden, valley.

What had DW planned for this valley? My first guess would be a stampede. In an unused voiceover Anne will say “Ok, which way do we go here?” and if you press F1 during gameplay a hint is displayed. It will say “Looks like two ways to explore. Best to remember where I left the monorail though”. So I would say that there were indeed once two ways to get through this level. At the end of the path you will reach the end of the monorail.

#4 – Sarah’s Bike (Industrial Jungle)
At the beginning of the Industrial Jungle there is a bike on a hill.
This could be Sarah’s bike. She was riding the bike in the book of the Lost World. It’s probably not hers but it is strange that this is the only bike I could find in the game.
#5 – Secret Music (Industrial Jungle)
At the beginning, follow the creek bed for about 10 seconds and you will find a large white rock on your left. Climb behind it and some scary music will play. I will warn you however, that this doesn’t appear to work for everyone; maybe it’s something to do with the patch or differences in different continental releases?
#6 – the Autographed Rock (Industrial Jungle)
At one time in the Industrial Jungle you will be able to take out a Raptor by shooting at a jeep above it. The jeep will fall on the Raptor. Walk around the jeep and you will see a rock with the following text:

No thanks required,
The pleasure was all ours.

Max Spielberg
Steven Spielberg


#7 – The BioSyn Helicopter and it’s Pilot (Industrial Jungle)
Well, we all know what this guy came for, the question would be when he crashed and why…

Before Clarissa

There is a small chance he flew over Isla Sorna at the time everone was still there. One the other hand, InGen would probably notice him… But if so, they would probably never find the wreckage of the helicopter down there… He could also have been sent to meet a certain spy who “worked” for InGen.

After Clarissa

He probaly crashed on Site B after Clarissa ravaged Site B. I don’t think he ran out of gas, I mean, If you would fly to Isla Sorna surely you would make sure you would have enough gas! My guess is he crashed during a storm (maybe even during Clarissa, but I doubt it).

How did he die?

Well, we are sure he survived the crash (unless he jumped to his death just before the crash). My guess is that he was pretty beat up and that he climbed onto that hill. I don’t think he was killed by a dinosaur, since he had a fully loaded AK-47 on his side. My guess is he died because of his wounds or of starvation.

Who was he?

Probably some low-life, but hey, it might as well have been Dodgson…


#8 – The Flying Padlock (Industrial Jungle)
After you’ve jumped down from the cliff into the water below, there’s the Albertosaurus hunting down the Parasaurolophus. I’d reccomend putting the “Dinos” cheat on and then make your way to the shack. It’s here, above head level, suspended above the path… a padlock. Shoot it to send it spiraling away, or you can jump and grab it. In my opinion, this phenomenon is far scarier than any dinosaur on the island.


#9 – Smuggler’s Plane (Industrial Jungle)
Getting towards the end of the Industrial Jungle level, you’ll find a downed plane. Hammond sinisterly hints at it’s purpose as you approach it. The fameous “Smuggler’s plane” was also used in a few Trespasser concept art pictures back in 97.
#10 – The Monolith (Industrial Jungle)
Once you reach the plane wreckage of the smugglers you will be able to see the black monolith on a hill. You cannot reach it without using the tele cheat however… Tele to 193,249,66 to go to the monolith. If you touch it, a strange song will play.
This black monolith is, of course, a tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. I don’t understand why they placed bakers that would prevent us from reaching it…


#11 – Secret Level (The Town)
Go to the communications centre and while stood in front of the steps facing the building, turn right and you will see a locked gate. There are two metal pieces attached to the gate. If you climb them you can actually get on top of the wall but you can’t drop over to the other side. If you follow the wall along heading towards Hammond’s house, if you crouch, at some point you will fall and a new level will load. This is the secret level- basically a demo of Trepasser’s various features like it’s foley system, animal AI and the physics engine. In it are all the weapons in the game, a gate and a Raptor. This can also be accessed through the level select cheat (see the Cheats page).


#12 – Wu’s poolsign (The Town)
In the back yard of Wu’s bungalow, the sign next to his pool reads, “Welcome to my Ool, notice there’s no P in it.” Both the Wu from the book and Movie doesn’t seem like the type of guy to make a sign like this. Perhaps it was one of the Costa Rican workers, or just a DW employee with too much time on his hands… There is also something written in the lower right hand corner, good luck trying to read it- I can make out the first line.


#13 – Hammonds heroes (The Town)
The InGen town is dedicated to Hammonds heroes. He named it after Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of Tarzan and others. There is even a statue of Burroughs.

The street names are named after Jules Verne (20.000 leagues under sea), H.G. Wells (the Time Machine) and others


#14 – Harold Greenwood (The Town)
Hidden inside the Dam itself, to reach him you need to pull the lever in the Flood Gate control building, thrn grab a crate to give yourself a boost up to the now open door. A friend of Hammond’s. He starved hiding from the Raptors, after he’d managed to crawl into the dam loosing blood. Trespasser’s very own “Unlucky Bastard”


#15 – Star Wars reference (InGen Lab)
Enter the Cray building and go to the room across Nedry’s room. After a “It’s cold in here.” from Anne look on the wall on the right next to the door.
You will see a picture with Han Solo, Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper outfit and Chewbacca. To the right of this is an Enemy ship from Star Trek, although I’m no expert.


#16 – Nedry’s backdoor (InGen Lab)
Hammond mentioned believing that Nedry had left himself a backdoor. He was right. Originally, DW would have let us use this backdoor by finding out that the code which was needed to enter the Cray building was KANDAR (526327). You can find the word Kandar on several movie posters in his office.
And just as TSOrd once said, the keypad with the code (Administrative building, Hammonds office) made it way too easy…


#17 – Ozymandias
As soon as the level starts, turn around and turn on the BONES cheat. You will see an invisible walkway. Jump down and follow it. At the end of the walkway, just jump down.
You will be warped to the top of the mountain and Hammond will recite “Ozymandias”, by Shelley. After Hammond is done reciting, the WIN sequence will be played. This is Trespasser’s only “alternate ending”.


I’m sure for every Easter Egg and Mystery here, there are a million we haven’t mentioned, email me HERE if you have one you’d like to submit. Although not strictly Easter Eggs; if anyone else has “shortcuts” or ways to wander beyond the invisible boundaries of the game (like “#1- Ocean View Shortcut”; above) then your submissions are all welcome.