Main Objectives

  • Find a way into the Town
  • Locate BLUE Keycard
  • Unlock Dr Wu’s compound door from the communications center
  • Locate RED Keycard in Dr Wu’s bungalow
  • Locate WHITE Keycard in Hammonds compound
  • Locate PURPLE Keycard in Hammond’s home
  • Escape the Town
  • Travel to the dam and the next level


  • .357 Magnum
  • AK47
  • Bat (wood)
  • Barreta 93r
  • Benelli M1 Super 90
  • Browning High-Power Hunting Rifle
  • Desert Eagle
  • HK91
  • Franchi Spas 12
  • Hammonds Revolver
  • HK91
  • H&K MP5K
  • H&K UP70
  • Redhawk Ruger
  • Tazor
  • Tranquilizer Gun
  • Tranquilizer Rifle
  • Pac 10


  • Velociraptor, Tribe A and B
  • Parasaurolophus
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex


This is the first non-linear level where you don’t follow a path, but have to explore and find items to progress. I really like this level as it features many locations seen in The Lost World, the operations building, the helipad and the tower where the Raptor chase takes place.

You have a choice; get into the town the smart way or the easy way. The smart way is heading into the door and putting in the keycode. On the wall it says; biglie. But if you imagine it flipped over, it reads 317618.


The way I get into the town is to the left of the door is a sewage pipe.



No matter what way you get into the town, you have to head over to the Operations center. Now head down the main street and as you look to your right, you’ll see some white houses along with some Raptors who haven’t ate anything in ages. If you run into the bigger house there are two HK-47s to play with. Carry on heading into the town, if you want to sightsee, pop into the InGeneral store (ha ha ha!) and also climb the telephone pole to get into the large building. When you get here, look to your right, you should see a church, head into it and kill the Raptor patrolling the area.

When you enter the church, head to the left room to find the blue keycard. There are also some weapons lying around the place and upstairs is an office chair, which I just like to play with for some reason.


Now exit the church and turn right to the Communications Center. There may be Raptors lurking so watch out. There is a machine gun mounted to the right of the steps if you want to take them out from there, although I find it a little awkward to use. Now enter the building.


In the Animal Control room are two AG-47s. If you go to the radio room you’ll find a broken radio, you’d think Nick Van Owen could have left it the way he found it. Head to the room at the end and use your keycard in the lock. Read the info on the clipboards if you want as it’s interesting. Now look at the control panel. Unlock the gates to Dr Wu’s house by pressing the “A” button. Now it’s on to Wu’s house.



The fast food diner, Gas Station and the barracks all contain goodies, but be prepares to fight a few Raptors along the way, but if you must see everything then their quite interesting.

As soon as you enter Wu’s house, head to the kitchen to find the Red keycard.


Go upstairs and get the Redhawk on a shelf if you need to, and if you fancy a swim, go to his garden and have a dip in the pool. Read the sign, I guess Henry Wu had a sense of humour. After searching his house head across the street to the mansion. This is Hammond’s place. Go to his back yard and look for the White keycard. It’s behind one of the larger rocks.


Go through the back door and take a left. Behind the bookshelf is a secret room containing a floppy disk.



Now it’s time for everyone’s favourite object, CRATES! You must love these by now and there are three to play around with in this next puzzle. Go to the stairs and stack the three crates to make steps to help you get to the upper portion of the damaged staircase. You need to have the White keycard and the Floppy disk upstairs, so if you want, throw one of them upstairs so they don’t get in the way of your jumping.

When you’re up there, ignore the Stun Gun on the floor because all it’s good for is stunning. Head over to the door that requires the White keycard. Go to Hammonds computer that needs the floppy disk and listen to his diary, don’t you feel sorry for him? Go to the map if Isla Sorna if you want and press the buttons for some interesting information. Now discard the disk and White keycard and go to his bedroom. Pick up the gun and your out of here!

Be warned of the gun you picked up, it’s not very accurate but if you get up close to a Raptor you can take it out in one shot. Now go across the town to the South Gate. Use the purple keycard and leave the worker village.

Follow the road and watch the T-Rex’s for a while if you want fighting over a kill.


Carry on down the road; Raptors are everywhere so be careful. Don’t spend too long killing one as the just surround you, if wound one enough make a break for it and run. Whenever you see another weapon, pick it up if you need it, always make sure you have the most ammunition possible. A PAC-10 and Belle Shotgun should be on the ground after you pass a rock formation.


When you get to the first hole in the road, go around it because you’ll bypass some Raptors lurking about, the second hole is impossible to go around so go into the deep valley and blast the Raptors that attack, I counted about five. Head over to the small building at the base of the Dam.


This is the flood control building and inside, you can flip a switch to open one of the gates at the Dam, inside the Dam are two SB5 Machine guns, take out any remaining Raptors for safety if their too close. Now go to the steps and get a crate. Put it under the door for a boost. Get inside for your much-deserved reward.

Climb the stairs. A Tranquilliser Rifle is up here. Continue and blast the two remaining Raptors, now head to the gate and the end of the level.