What would be a game without any cheat codes helping all of us, who can’t finish it without a little help, or who are just too lazy to finish it the other way 🙂 Trespasser doesn’t make any difference in that point and this is what you can do with them:

Open or load a game. In the game press CTRL + F11. A small small blinking line should be visible on the bottom left. Now simply enter one of the cheats below. You can type in as many cheats as you want. But remember to close the small window with CTRL + F11 , when you’re done:

win shows the finishing sequence of the game
woo unlimited ammo (you must have a gun in your hand in order to get this to work)
dinos dinosaurs won’t move anymore, but you can still get hurt by their teeth
loc display current location
tele x, y, z teleports Anne to a position (use x, y, z coordinates) 
tnext forwards you to the next important point in the game
gore 1-3 set the amount of blood shown
bionicwoman slows down the entire game
invul god-mode
bones shows everything in wireframe mode
imouse 0-1 1 invert the mouse, 0 do not

You can also load any level you want. Simply press CTRL+SHIFT+Q+W in the main menu. Another screen, showing all the available level files (including the secret levels) will appear. Pick the one you want and double click on it. This is used most of the time to play fan level. Please note that this might not work on some types of keyboards.

ATX Cheats

The ATX patch brings you a lot of new cheats like flying and third persion view. Please see the latest ATX documentation when downloading the ATX patch –