Trespasser VR (Quest 2)

From no other than s13n1, who is known for their previous TrespassingPetrolia project, now turned into Trespasser VR. For the first time ever, here is a first public showcase for you to try out. Here are some words from s13n1 themselves:

“Firstly I want I make it clear this was originally intended to be a simple test just to show how it runs on the Quest 2. It’s not an actual demo. It’s small, only playable up to the second gate after the shooting range. I decided to add a few more things to make it a bit nicer, but please don’t judge it too harshly, there’s a lot of work to be done.

Also keep in mind this is a very simplistic version for the Quest 2 and I’m intentionally sticking as close to the source material as I can, with little improvements and fixes where needed. The detail is low, the textures are low res, it’s basic, it’s supposed to be. A lot of people wanted a more traditional looking version for VR and a lot of people wanted a version they could play on the Quest 2. This is it. I will be building upon this version for the PCVR version, as there are optimisations done for this version that I had planned to do for the PCVR version, but would have been a huge amount of work.

I also want to point out that I’m not a programmer. I can’t write code to save myself. I’m primarily an environment artist / designer / whatever. I think the fact I’ve been able to make this speaks volumes for how accessible Unity is. I’ve relied on a lot of assets purchased from the Unity asset store, and remade or modified assets from Trespasser. I will at some point list the sources for everything used.

Except for the large billboard trees on the distant hills, there’s only three types of trees that have lower LODs, so there’s a lot of performance improvements to come. I plan on making LODs and billboards for every species to try and optimize the vegetation as much as possible. The very large trees or trees that are leaning or have wild shapes will probably have more detailed LODs as they usually look bad drawn as a billboard. There’s also a lot of trees I haven’t made yet. Some are very similar to others, so some of these will be skipped in favor of more unique varieties.

Shadows are.. yeah they’re okay. For a while I had them disabled, but they are enabled for this test. They were a bit buggy and flickering so I’ve tried my best to make them render properly. I messed about with baking shadows but the results weren’t great and making simple projector shadows had some rendering issues with other shaders. With shadows turned off, the game actually doesn’t look too bad. I’ll figure something out.

The Quest 2 seems to have some issues with Zfighting. Objects intersecting the terrain and the road texture are the worst offenders. I’ll do my best to reduce it.

There’s 2x Antialiasing and for now, anisotropic settings are enabled on everything. It helps keep the rendering clean and crisp.

There are no guns sorry. It would have taken far too long to import the guns and have the models looking acceptable and functioning right with proper sounds and physics etc.

There’s just one raptor wandering about on a looped path. I haven’t spent any time tweaking them. They’re a bit unreliable and often get caught up on things. They don’t have proper full body collisions and may not have full sound collisions. I thought about adding some cool scripted events but I might save that for an actual demo.

The dynamic water was a late addition but actually turned out pretty nice. The heightmapped wave generation relies on a subdivided plane, so the larger the plane is, the more subdivisions are needed to create smooth looking water ripples. Obviously the more detailed you go, the bigger the hit on performance. The starting beach is probably the largest body of water in the entire game, almost all others will be a quarter of the size and will therefore be far more detailed.

Swimming is pretty janky. It’s just some buoyancy applied to the player. Swimmings not a big part of the game anyway, so don’t get too hung up on it. I’ll do my best to improve it, but I don’t want to waste too much time on it. You can look underwater, there’s some simple fog and projected caustics.

There are some fish, seagulls and butterflies to liven things up. They don’t land or react to you, they simply move about randomly. I’ll probably add more animal varieties later. There’s also some dust / pollen type particles floating about in the more vegetation dense areas.

If you look down you’ll notice two things. B1 and B2. Yes they made it in. It’s just the original mesh for Anne with the arms and shoulders removed and attached to the player with some “jiggle” physics bolted on. I do plan on having a more detailed IK body, with actual female arms and hands. If the chest gets out of alignment, just recenter your view. I’m not sure about adding legs, I’ll only go there if it doesn’t look too goofy. VR legs can look pretty darn awful. Health will either be a mood stone necklace that changes colour as you receive damage or I might put a tattoo on her arm / wrist. Not sure yet. Whatever looks best.

The backpack is there, it’s over your left shoulder. It’s just the default Hurricane VR backpack for now, but I do plan on customizing its appearance. What you can store in it for this Quest 2 version is yet to be determined. Don’t expect micromanagement of individual bullets and loading mags, this isn’t that kind of game.

There’s no menus, comfort options or control customisation. It will happen one day, it’s not a priority right now.

The file is 182mb, how you sideload it is up to you. Future updates will probably be available on SideQuest

I hope you enjoy it, I’ve had an absolute blast working on this. I’m excited to see some videos of you playing and building crazy physics shit. I wonder how long it will take someone to figure out a way to physics freak themselves out of the playable area. I’m sure someone will figure out a way!”

You can find a download for it here: Trespasser VR (Quest 2) Public Showcase Download