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  • Release Date December 25, 2021
  • Last Updated June 16, 2024
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Trespasser Awakening (Trespasser HD Remake)

UPDATED MAY 31st 2022 (22m5vE)

"Hi everyone. Here's a little xmas gift for you: The first alpha/demo version of my Trespasser remake. I started working on this 5 months ago. So far, I've got all final 9 levels down in a draft stage. Over the next months, I will continue to improve the enemy AI, the player, the audio, the 3D models as well as adding new mechanics, vegetation, terrain textures, and a weather and day/night cycle. You'll notice the game currently has huge shortcomings in all those areas. Having said that, this is only the second time I ever created a game, and when I started development on this, I had absolutely no clue about how to code. I've poured so much of myself into this game over the last 5 months and I really need a break for a week or two. Anyway, I hope you have fun exploring Trespasser from a new angle; I've added never-before seen species, areas, a few new puzzles and even entire levels. I recommend reading the "Keys" section in the main menu. You can play in third and/or first person. Both have their own issues and switching between them is always problematic. But that's what an alpha version is for 😉 Also, I'm still waiting on my dinosaur model supplier to create the Para, so unfortunately you'll not find it in the game yet. At the beginning of this journey, it was my goal to be able to produce a playable build at any time upon demand and it has worked very well so far, meaning I can actually provide updates in a very regular fashion when making changes. Also, at the moment you'll find a few areas that are boring and you just have to run through. I will make it more interesting and engaging and will break things up a bit more. If you feel like you need to advance, just use the first person mode as you'll run faster and have almost no max slope limit. You'll find first person works best in some situations, in other third person works better. Ideas are always welcomed but I'm still a beginner in game design, so I can't promise to create complex situations (just yet)

Installation: download and unzip the file and just open the Trespasser HD Remake executable."

Note: See the latest release post about changelog and other important information: Forum Topic