Main Objectives

  • Embark down the dried up river
  • Showdown with a Rex!
  • Follow the Raptor infested gorge
  • Escape across a tree
  • Climb the rocky steps
  • Albertosaurus showdown!
  • Find a way into the worker village


  • .357 Magnum
  • AK47
  • AK47 (drum magazine)
  • Barreta 93r
  • Benelli M1 Super 90
  • Browning High-Power Hunting Rifle
  • Browning M2
  • Desert Eagle
  • HK91
  • H&K MP5K
  • H&K VP70
  • M-14
  • Redhawk Ruger
  • Sledgehammer
  • Pac 10


  • Albertosaurus
  • Velociraptor, Tribe A and B
  • Parasaurolophus
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex


Behind you is a Rifle, pick it up and begin down the riverbed. You’ll come to a second Rifle. Carry on until you make a left turn. There should be a slope to the right. If you climb it, you’ll find a Redhawk near an old motorcycle.


Carry on and you’ll encounter a few Raptors one by one normally. If you go to the motorcycle you can pick them off in safety but I never bother as it’s easier and far more exiting to look into their eyes and blow them apart from there! Carry on to an old truck. There is a HK in the truck.


Carry on and you’ll come to two Raptors having a little fight. I run past to save ammunition. If your quick, they wont notice you, but be alert.


This is a fun part. Carry on to find a Raptor, look above him, a Jeep just asking to fall. While the Raptor looks at you, shoot the Jeep down and send it crashing on top of him. Mr Spielberg himself, along with his son Max helped create that little moment, and I’ve heard that there is a rock nearby with their signatures on although I’ve never found it.


Continue along the riverbed until finally you enter an open area, but happiness doesn’t last long as you see Two Raptors and a T-Rex battling out. If your careful and keep as much space as possible between you and the fight, another fight can be avoided. Move quickly but if the Rex begins to chase you, stand still. In true Jurassic Park style it can’t see you! Carry on following the rout to another truck. There is a truck with a Rifle in. Carry on to the left and you can see a Parasaurolophus and a T-Rex fighting. Watch if you wish but continue to the dark rocks ahead. This is the gorge.


There is an HK at the wreck upon entering the gorge and continue past a large skeleton. Carry on cautiously as there are three Raptors lurking about. Take them all out quickly. You thought that was dangerous? Well carry on following the path to a Raptor hang out.

You’ll find yourself overlooking a huge pit as you wind around it shoot as many Raptors as possible although you may miss a few. After the ledge, run strait towards the wreck of a BioSyn helicopter (how did these guys get here?) to find a Machine gun and a Redhawk.


Now you can make your way out of this pit and curve to the left. When you get to the top, you’ll see a tree making a bridge over the canyon. Jump onto the tree (it’s hard but not impossible) then make your way across. Look down as you do so as it makes it easier to walk. On the other side are some Raptors, waste them and head further into the wilderness in the direction of those dark rocks in the distance.


Climb the rocks like steps. It’s very hard but again, not impossible. Just try again and again, one tip always look for the easiest step to climb, not the quickest way to the top.


Once you’re at the top, look down. Below is a pond.


Drop off the cliff into the pond below, be careful not to run off or you’ll miss it and hit the ground. Now quickly get out of the pond and make your way to the Jeep. By now you will see the Albertosaurus and Raptors so use the machine gun on the Jeep to take them out.



Carry on and you’ll see two Raptors hunting a Parasaurlophus. Steer clear of them. Now you should start to see phone or power lines. So head towards them. A shed near here contains lots of goodies including a rare sledgehammer, but take the gun as you’ll need it. Continue following the phone lines, on the way you’ll see a burnt out jeep and ahead of you, over the hill, what’s known as the smuggler’s plain. There’s a very powerful gun near here. Carry on and you’ll encounter another hunt. As before steer clear and don’t fire unless you have to.

You’ll eventually come to the wall to the town and a crane.


Kill the Raptors here, climb on the crane and the girder over the wall, to the next level.