News from Bill Brown

We received news from Bill Brown, stating that some of his works are on shelves now: Lineage II, for instance, got a huge update called Chronicle 1” and Bill contributed the soundtrack. You can read up the quality of his contribution in this sweet article, which ran on Music4Games. Got you interested? Then head over to Bill’s store and grab a copy. Chronicle 2 is already in the making and is as good as finished, too!

Well, his other project The Lady Death, is getting released on DVD this October. There will also be a seperate O.S.T. release by that time. So if you got an extra dime, go ahead and buy one of which, I’m sure it’ll be worth the money!

Tresgame’s finally on the block

Yup, the Trespasser fan-site Tresgame finally made its way to the public! The site was being updated a few minutes ago, so head over there and take a look! It’s worth the trip…