TresCity hired a new co-webmaster

TresCity’s search for a new co-webmaster is over. After looking for several weeks, webmaster Rexy40 has finally decided upon a new helping hand. So for today we’d like to give it up for: Slugger. The TresCom staff is of course wishing both of them all the luck, may your site be updated regularly.

TCOPS: Recruitment Center

Well, it took us several weeks, to make up our minds. It has been a really hard decision. That hard, that we simply ran out of arguments for choosing only a single new member. So we decided on giving out the same job twice, in hopes that it will help us even more. We’d like to give a warm welcome to Scalenger and Nem! May this site be updated more often!

‘I’d read if there wasn’t anything good on TV!’

Well, it’s time again for our weekly part of “Trespasser2” I know that many people have been waiting for this one, so I won’t spoil you folks much more… Read Sk8ers next chapter: here.

‘Welcome to Jurassic Park!’

Looks like we got a small comptetion this week. “Trespasser2” vs. “JP Diary”… you know what? Read them both. I know your eyes are hurting… but that’s no excuse to miss any of the stories. Read the “JP Diary” here