Tresgame: Waiting for Lift-off!

Last week we were reporting about TresCity calling itself back on the active-duty list. Well guess what? Today,we received news from our community-member Mickey, stating that the long-awaited website ‘Tresgame’ is near completion and that it will launch within the next few weeks! Not only that it will feature some pretty exclusive content, it will also feature a fresh, new design! I think that this should be some great news for the old Trespasser-Central fans. Wonder why? Well, take a look and guess what inspired the design the most:

We’re certainly wishing the Tresgame team all the luck. Their Tresgame-forum is already awaiting new visitors , may they launch their website soon…

Victim of a serious Hacker-attack?

Some of you may have noticed the board being shut down for several days. Well, this was mostly a security function ,trying protect our database from a hacking attempt. But this is only one explanation, it could have also been a guy trying to connect to the board over and over again. Nevertheless, we think that you guys deserve an apology for that and we certainly hope, that this won’t happen again in the near future…

‘Trespasser Final’-The Summit near completion

The one and only JohnParkerHammond has been working his butt off on the Trespasser-mod ‘Trespasser-Final’, which is now near completion. He stated earlier on the board that this new Trespasser-mod will feature:

# Enhanced levels-new never before seen brand new objects

# Same storyline, but new perils

# Greater authenticity- see what Site B would REALLY look like.

# Greater realism-enhanced environment – bringing more challenge.

Boy, if that doesn’t get you anxious to play this neat modifications, then maybe these neat screenshots will: