TresCity returning from the Grave!

We’ve got some great news for today! Rexy got back to business and is heavily working on TresCity. He updated the page yesterday (featuring some exclusive TC-Isle images!) and is now searching for another staff member! So to all the folks who already applied for teh job here: maybe it’s a good idea to apply at that place as well. For the rest of you: Pay them a visit. There’s no other site, who’d deserve it more…

News from the TCOPS – Recruitment Center

We’re currently evalutaing the applications we received and it may take another week for us to decide and to get our new news-system into place. For now we’d certainly like to thank all of the applicants (if you haven’t been aware of this job-offer, skip through the news below. it’s not too late to apply). We’ll notify you all, once we know more.

‘Jurassic Park Diary’ updated!

Our forum member Mega raptor spent some extra time working on his neat Trespasser diary. It’s highly interesting , so I recommend reading the updated version here.

Minor Updates

Due to the sudden activeness in our Community, we’ve taken the exta time to update this site, including some broken links and the ScreenoftheWeek section. Please keep the screenhsots coming. We’ll try to maintain that section alot better in the future.

‘The Outpost’ in the making

Slugger, a new member of our ever-growing Trespasser-Community, is working on his first level, called ‘The Outpost’, coming along with a brand new story. The features list sounds really promising as well:

# new puzzles

# brand-new terrain

# the enhanced dino behavior (known from the TC-Final)

# and perhaps some modified models

He supplied us with an early preview of the story, stating that:

” It takes place somewhere outside of the Town, and relatively close to Pine Valley. The Outpost was presumably one of the first compounds created on Site B, and it was eventually converted as a midpoint for those en route to the Geothermal Plant.

A reference to the Outpost found in the Operations Center in the Town sparks an interest in Anne, as well as a hope for finding a way off Site B. It is your task to find the Outpost, break in, evaluate its condition, and find out if it does contain a way for you to get off Site B once and for all — and if not, continue on. ”

And if that weren’t enough, we also got some very early screenshots!