PC Gamer UK pimps TresCom!

Yeah! We’ve been officially pimped by the british Version of the worlds best-selling gaming magazine : PC GAMER. Here’s what they say in the June Edition:

“Trespasser community! Yes we’re pimping the community for a 6 year old game. Why? Because it was Trespasser which influenced physics in Half-Life 2 and we’re giving something back. www.3dactionplanet.com/trescom are keeping the spirit alive creating their own level editor and levels digging further into the game. Visit them and make us happy.”

We’re currently trying to receive a copy of the issue. But if you happen to have the article yourself. Please scan it in and send it to paul@trescom.org …

Special thanks goes to Wajas for notifying us on this one…

On todays menu: A Spicy episode of Trespasser 2

And again, we’re more than happy to present you another exciting episode of Sk8er’s: “Trespasser 2”. Better read this butt-whooping episode here !:)

Give it to me, baby!

Vorec send us this neat rendering of his, showing Hammonds Room in Trespasser. Definately worth the click!