GOTCHA! Didn’t I? C’mon, you weren’t honestly thinking that we would leave you all by yourselves without our Trescom Christmas tradition, were you? Well, in that case you obviously don’t know us well enough and should seriously consider to register at our forum in order to make up for YOUR misbehaviour! Afterall, SantaRaptor – our favorite of all topleft-corner raptors – knows very well who’s been naughty and who’s been nice! So, once again we hope that all of you can have some time together with your family, enjoy your eggnoggggggggg (how many g’s are in that drink anyway) and enjoy your presents.

And for all of you who happened to be on the edge of being naughty every now and then… well, lemme just say that some of our forum members still wanted to sweeten your days, too!

Merry Christmas, everyone…

The coolest level ever!

Seriously, I don’t even have to lie on this one! RexHunter99 created this Christmas level for all of you who just happen to know that they deserve something extra special this christmas. So yeah, it may have been a while since we updated, but you ain’t gonna get around this treat:


Unfortunately, we are still experiencing problems with our download section, but we will add these files in the near future. Until then, please use RexHunters download link

T-Rex Specimen Zero

Well, what Christmas season would be complete without a pair of red and green t-rexes? Forum member Second Illiteration has released these two creatures, and they are ready and waiting for a home in your level!

Unfortunately, we are still experiencing problems with our download section, but we will add these files in the near future. Until then, please use this rapidshare link

Rumors, rumors… nothing else but rumors

Rumors spread fast, so let’s try to settle some of the minor rumors we’ve heard as of late:

We’ve contacted Elextronic Arts and asked for support (70% true)

Alright, we did indeed contact EA more than a year ago. They did not, however, respond. This is considerably normal behaviour given the fact that we don’t have the correct address to the guys in charge. So chances are pretty high that the letter got lost on its way… We will try to contact them again in the near future, so please bear with us and don’t send letters on your own. It would only smaller our own chances of actually getting in touch with them professionally…

I heard that Trespasser is available for free on the internet (0% true)

Sorry folks, TresCom has always been very clear on this one: There are no freeloaders in this community. We are with EA on this one and will continue to protect their copyright. You want to help our community? Spread the word, get the game, help us show some respect to the folks that did such a terrific job on this all…

For more information please read : this link

Is TresCom dead? (0% true)

Uhh … no. Not even close. There are so many projects under development that it actually looks like TresCom is in a better shape than ever – please visit our forums, for more community updates for now.

Another TCLevel is in the works (? true)

Funny, sometimes one of these rumors even spread among us TCOps. All I can say for now is that we will not continue work on our original trilogy in the near future. Chances are more than likely, however, that another project is in the works… When are we gonna let you know? – well, here’s the fun part: I don’t know…

Well, that was it folks. I agree that this may not be the biggest Christmas update we ever had…. BUT you know what, New-Years is just around the corner – so stay patient 😉

Merry Christmas