Main Objectives

  • Start following the old monorail
  • Find the shed
  • Find the plantation house
  • Attempt to call for help
  • Climb the monorail
  • Carry on to the Exit


  • .357 Magnum
  • Barret M82 .50 caliber
  • Benelli M1 Super 90
  • Browning High-Power Hunting Rifle
  • Desert Eagle
  • Franchi Spas 12
  • H&K MP5K (with silencer)
  • H&K VP70
  • M-14
  • P45 (AKA Colt M1911)
  • Redhawk Ruger
  • Sledgehammer
  • Tranquillizer Pistol


  • Stegosaurus
  • Brachiosaurus
  • Velociraptor, Tribe A
  • Parasaurolophus
  • Triceratops


The first thing you’ll notice as you enter this level is you have no weapons. For some reason the game designers thought this would be a good idea. Anyway, don’t worry as at the beginning of each level a weapons cabinet isn’t far away. In this case it’s right next to you, grab the Desert Eagle and we can go.


To your left are things that InGen have left behind and if you search the area, you’ll find a Dinosaur tooth. Although it can be used as a weapon there isn’t much point picking it up and it’s very difficult to get close enough to a Dino to kill one with it. Follow the monorail and eventually you’ll find an Indiana Jones style Smith & Wesson. Now you should have a Desert Eagle and the Smith & Wesson so there was no need to pick up the Dino tooth.

Continue following the monorail and it won’t be long before you find a Stegosaurus eating happily. Just past the Steg are two Raptors hunting him down, you can try to sneak past them but nine time out of ten they’ll chase you. Oh well, waste them and continue on.

You’ll come to an area with rails stacked up with crates on top. You’ll need to get the crates down to climb the mini cliff ahead. Shoot a crate down or if you’re all out of ammo there is a helmet on the ground to throw. Now put the fallen crate next to the large on and jump up them to the top of the cliff.


After more walking you’ll find a shed with lots of interesting things lying around. Kill the Raptor stalking you search the barrel for a Desert Eagle. Also inside the shed is a Shotgun, helpful!


Go down toward the crashed jeep and there will be a Redhawk there. Take it if you wish but Hammond should have a little speech referring to The Lost World which is quite good. Follow this valley and it will wind around overlooking a Tricerotops, proceed with caution and watch the Raptors and the Trike fight for a bit if you want.


As they battle head left to the old Plantation House. There isn’t anything there to use and you’ll have to kill a Raptor to get there but just to “see it all” I suggest you pay it a visit.


If you continue from the plantation house to the coast past a dry river bed, you’ll find Cathy’s beach.  After a Lost World easter egg you can return to the path.
Continue your journey past the Plantation house, past the Parasaurolophus to completely miss the things you’d of encountered if you chose right and you’d eventually come to the crane. However, if you did choose the right path go ahead to the waterfall. Go in a left direction and make your way up the hill. If you go left from there to the direction of the battle, there is a very high hill and a religious stone circle thing. You can take a few second to admire the view if you want. Back to reality, continue along the path to a phone, dial any number (I like 911) but you’ll only get a message saying the switchboard is out of order or something. Oh well, climb yet more crates up onto the monorail track and head up it to the end. A Raptor is below and another not far away, if you’re feeling lucky shoot them or hit them with the crates next to you.


To your right are some crates below; drop onto those to avoid death and on the ground is a Shotgun. The weapons cabinet will hold a Redhawk. Follow the path to a high stack of crates. One crate on top has a gun on it. Shoot the crate down to get the gun; a Calico SB5! There is also another Redhawk on the ground in this area. You know what to do now, but the box you knocked down next to the other by the miniature cliff and climb up to the top.

Follow the path and eventually you’ll come across a Stegosaurus unaware he’s being hunted by Raptors. Their watching him from the trees to the right of you and their more interested in the Stego so make a break for it and head left, they have only ever attacked me once or twice. Continue until you find the beginning of the end of this level. The crane! If you search nearby the crane there is a Barrett rifle. Now you can’t take it away but why not have a little fun. Take out all of the remaining Raptors here with pleasure.

Climb the crane and jump to the monorail track. Just keep going along the track to avoid the Raptors below although there isn’t a problem continuing along the ground. Jump each gap in the rail and save every time you complete a jump if you wish. Eventually you’ll find that there’s a gap impossible to jump. Go to the ground and a ramp will invite you to the next part of the rail.

The next part of the rail is much higher and falling will be incredibly painful and there are more Raptors circling below you. Eventually you’ll come to a shed on your left with a Rifle on the roof. Get it if you want but I always find it too risky with the Raptors and the threat of falling plus you can’t get back to the rail, you’ll have to run like hell away from the Raptors and blast them occasionally. Now if you chose the non-suicidal route to continue along the rail to the crane that marks the beginning of the third and final section of track.

By the crane on the ground is a Shotgun in the cabinet and a Desert Eagle on the ground. Climb along this section of rail and climb the crates. To you right below is a beam, drop onto it as it leads to the next rail.

Continue climbing the crates and go to the end of the level.