Main Objectives

  • Arm yourself and deal with the Raptors
  • Find a way to get into the Radio Room
  • Call for help and extend the drawbridge
  • Proceed along the treacherous mountain trail
  • Climb the metal tower
  • Showdown!
  • Find a way to get over the crates to the Helipad


  • Benelli M1 Super 90
  • Calico MP5
  • Desert Eagle
  • Franchi Spas 12
  • HK91
  • H&K MP5K
  • Redhawk Ruger
  • Pac 10


  • Velociraptor Tribe C (Alpha)

You’re being hunted the second the level begins, two Raptors are alerted to your presence and you have a choice: Get the Bennelli Shotgun and Desert Eagle from the container ahead of you or race through the buildings to the one on the far left and use the weapon there.




I run to the building as the Raptors get confused, when inside you can take them out as they walk past the door. On the other hand if you get the weapons ahead of you I suggest you run back to the lift to give you a good view of the angry Raptors, take them all out.


After this confrontation, you can go to the weapons container to the right and pick up the Redhawk and Calico. Go to the left hand corner, near the metal stairs. Behind the nearest building there is a dumpster, climb on it to get onto the roof. From there go to the building with the open window on the roof. Jump down through the window and push the big red button. This will activate the emergency beacon, extends the drawbridge on the top of the stairs. It also put you through to the emergency channel on the radio. After Anne calls for help go out of the door, pick up the HK pistol and up the stairs. There are also some weapons in the building that you climbed on first. When you start down the mountain path, two Raptors will ambush you. Deal with them how you want and proceed.


Another Raptor attack later go up the stairs and pick up the Belle Shotgun. Another Raptor will attack but you have a little extra time to kill it. Another staircase, another Belle Shotgun and the trail forks and there are too many Raptors to warn you about, all I can say if be careful and watch you’re back. If you get swamped by Raptors or only wound them just run and don’t look back. The left fork is recommended as you get a Redhawk. Watch out for the two Raptors who jump from the mountain top.

After this ordeal, you’ll find another metal staircase. Climb up to the top. The tattered remains of a previous adventurer are a little disheartening although he did leave you that lovely looking HK 91 Rifle.


This is it. The final confrontation. Move around the edge of the compound and you wont meet any trouble. When you walk into the middle that’s when the attack comes, not from the front but from the side; from two Raptors who you didn’t even know were there…and in all fairness they weren’t there. Kill them quickly as their just the minions of the Alpha male who bounds into the compound. A Belle shotgun is in the open building. Waste them all.


After the final showdown it’s time for one last…CRATE PUZZLE! There are some crates in the center of the compound. Use them to climb up the crates by the fence. Walk out onto the helipad and admire the view. You can hear the rescue helicopter now and John Hammond will sign off. Say “good bye” to Isla Sorna, you have survived.


Alternate Ending

There is one other way to end Trespasser. At the beginning of “The Summit” level, press: Ctrl and F11. This will bring up a text cursor in the bottom left of the screen. Type: bones. This will help you to see all invisible objects.

Go over to the lift you came up on and look down. There you can see a path in the air. Drop onto it and follow it out into the air. Now it’s time for an Indiana Jones style leap of faith as you jump off the end.

You will be transported to the summit but with no Raptors this time. Hammond will quote a famous poem and the completion movie will play.