Main Objectives

  • Enter the harbor
  • Locate the Yellow keycard
  • Discover the location of the Green keycard in the office
  • Locate the Green keycard
  • Go to the Lab
  • Locate Purple keycard
  • Locate the Red keycard
  • Find Computer door code
  • Reboot the main computer: CRAY
  • Escape the lab through the Paddocks


  • .357 Magnum
  • AK47 (both versions)
  • Bat (wood)
  • Barret 50mm
  • Barreta 93r
  • Benelli M1 Super 90
  • Browning High-Power Hunting Rifle
  • Browning M2
  • Calico MP5
  • Desert Eagle
  • Franchi Spas 12
  • HK91
  • HK91
  • H&K MP5 (both versions)
  • H&K UP70
  • M-14
  • Nedry’s Medieval Mace
  • Redhawk Ruger
  • Tazor
  • Toxic Rifle
  • Pac 10


  • Stegosaurus
  • Velociraptor, Tribe B
  • Triceratops
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex


Next to the town this is my favorite level. First things first, re-arm yourself. Behind you is a weapons container containing a Hunting rifle and a Desert Eagle. Travel down the road and keep your distance from the T-Rex and Triceratops fighting. When you reach the gate head to the bus and go to the left wing mirror. If the driver was looking through that mirror he’d see behind him…to the code written on the back of a sign. 1018. As he’s see it through a mirror, he’d read 8101. So pump it into the keypad. Now enter and grab the HK VP70; a nice weapon to have.


The harbor seems daunting but all the puzzles are logical and almost too obvious sometimes. Raptors stalk you so it’s good to know where the weapons are. There are loads of guns in the warehouses, just be warned of the Rex. There is also a gun in the crane and by the petrol/gas pumps. Whenever you’re low on ammo, you’ll want to think about heading to theses places to arm yourself. There is a shipwreck by the jetty near the warehouses. It’s the supply boat Emily and is an interesting place to visit.

Head to the small building behind the office trailer and gas pumps and knock out some of the wooden bars in the window. This is the harbor masters office. Jump in and pick up the SB5 on the crates if you need it. Go to the bathroom for the Yellow keycard.


Now head over to the large building with the boarded up windows. Use the keycard, drop it and enter.

Now go upstairs to a room with a large board with writing on it. It says that the card is in the Atlantic, so lets go out and fins the Atlantic!


Go out of the building back into the direction of the office trailer. You’ll see one of the containers from the ships at an angle with the word ATLANTIC printed on the side. That must be it!

Knock out the wooden supports on the office trailer (shoot them out for some funny physics!) and climb the crates (ready stacked for once!) onto the now upturned trailer. From here jump to the roof of the bigger building, to the metal roof of the gas station and from there to the bus. From the bus you can jump from container to container to the open ATLANTIC one.

Go inside and floating in the water at the bottom is the Green keycard. Now head over to the gate with the Green lock.

As you head up the road be careful of Raptors that will attack, watch your back. Go to the left building, the BIO-LAB. Climb up the dumpster at the back to get through the window.

Get the Purple keycard upstairs in the Laboratory. Now find the open window that leads to the roof in an L-Shape. Walk along the roof to the Administration building through the window.


Go upstairs and to the left are some double doors. This is Hammond’s office. Find the Red keycard, which is in Hammond’s bathroom and the computer door code (526327). Now it’s time to go to the third building. Use the Red keycard on the door and then pump in the code to get in the second one.

Now you need to reboot the super computer: CRAY. The code you need is on the back wall. Start hitting the colored buttons in the right order and then press the master switch. Now enjoy all the flashing lights and Hammond’s speech. After the process exit the building and go around behind the Administrative building to the paddocks.


Open the door to the far right and kill the Raptor. Use the plank to get on the wall and into the next area. Now use the barrels to get onto the crate and then onto the wall. From there drop into the passage and follow it through to the next level.