Main Objectives

  • escape the beach
  • practicing the basics:
    • pick up and use objects
    • climbing and jumping
    • use weapons
  • overcome the partial path
  • overcome the second gap
  • bag your first Raptor
  • climb the ramp
  • find the monorail


  • .357 Magnum
  • Baseball bat (wood)
  • Desert Eagle
  • Franchi Spas 12
  • Browning High-Power Hunting Rifle


  • Brachiosaurus
  • Velociraptor, Tribe A


This is the first level, and the only reason it’s here is to teach you the basics. For a second, just don’t move, watch the water to the right…a rock will tumble into the water and it’ll ripple…that’s how realistic this game is!


Anyway, lets get off this damn island. Turn around, back to the water, to your left should be a white rock. Make your way over to it and climb up. I find jumping easier if you look down as you do so.


After you’ve climbed the hill you should see some sort of man made structure. Here you’ll find plenty to play with throw some crates and knock over barrels. Now, practice climbing and jumping.


Once you think you’ve grasped the controls it’s time to head inland following the dark dirt path. Walk to the gate in the wall, simply knock the gate over and continue. Look to your left, InGen have been generous with plenty of guns to choose from! Practice shooting some boxes and paint cans and then store two guns.


The next gate is slightly harder to get through. I can open it normally but I know other people like to stack the crates to overcome the wall.


Now continue to the billboard. After the informative little speech from Anne and Hammond, continue along the path . Eventually you’ll arrive at a ditch. If you go to the truck to the right of you you’ll find a hunting rifle, and you’d better solve the crate puzzle as it’s good practice. Here’s how to do it: Simply knock them over, and build some simple stairs to get out of this slump.

Now, over the hill to a beautiful site; two Brachiosaurs, remind you of the beginning to Jurassic Park? Anyway, enough of the sites, there’s plenty more to see and do. Carry on down the road to a similar looking ditch, oh joy, more crates! Pick up some rocks scattered on the ground and knock some crates down. Use the crates as steps to climb out this slump.


Now is one hell of a good time to save. Following the path you’ll see another truck to your left. If you have plenty of ammo, don’t worry, if not, run to the truck and pick up the gun, a Desert Eagle to be exact, we may as well use the right names. Now, continue the path and you’ll hear those familiar snarls, a Raptor! Take aim and shoot the Raptor, headshots are most effective.


Now turn and solve the next puzzle involving this wooden seesaw. Climb the pole then run and jump across the platform to the other side. A little bit further down the road will take you to a white cabinet on your right. A Desert Eagle will be found inside.


A Raptor will ambush you from the right hand side, take him out and proceed to the man made structure ahead. It’s the monorail! Climb the stairs, and go to the tourist information radio. No real point in that it’s just cool. Jump onto the track and continue left.


There will be a gap in the track, jump it using the small, rusty girder for an extra run up. Now leap off the other side into the next level.