Article on PcGamer

We could finally get our hands on the June Edition of Pcgamer. It was reported earlier this month, that they were having a short article about our Community. So we’d like to share this experience with you and are posting up that scanned copy of that article here:


Again: THANK YOU PCGAMER! We’re certainly hoping that this wasn’t the last article we’ve seen about our works and we’d want to encourage any other Author out there to help us spread the word. It’s taking an extremely high amount of time to keep our projects going and so every help is well appreciated. So any author out there, please feel free to contact us on any further background information, the email address is:

Lack of updates

Unfortunately we were having some problems getting our new news-system to work. So we’d like to apologize for our lack of updates. We’ll work on that and we’ll try to get it work any day (our new members Scallenger and Nem are already patiently waiting to post up their first news).