TresCom Ops Announcement:

Contest is starting today!

Yes, it is true. Our long awaited Trespasser-Fan art contest is finally starting today Sunday 11th of October 2003 in order to promote our upcoming Trespasser level : the TC-Isle. From today on, each one of you will be given the chance of turning in one (!) of their greatest fan works. The Deadline is Dec 30th. Each site-update, we’re gonna present you the newest entries. After Dec 30th, all forum members will be given the opportunity of voting for the greatest entries. (so if you aren’t a registered member yet, register on our board now!). Don’t forget to read our rules pages before submission…. Good Luck :)

FAQ Database: Grand opening!

The long awaited FAQ Database finally opens its gates to the public! From now on, we’ll try to update this section whenever possible or needed. So if you know of any helpful tricks, which have not been covered yet, or if you are willing to write a tutorial, then please drop us a line (,

Screen of the week

Again I am sorry to say, that we are again missing screenshots. So if you ever feel like sharing your greatest moments of trespasser with the rest of the community, please send them in: Thanks!

Where is the input?

Yet another Database has opened. This time it is our ‘TrespasserSite Database’, which contains several sites, which can not be found online anymore. (inclduing the infamous ‘Trespasser Teamsite’). Thanks goes to ‘machf’, for sending us several pages and to the WebArchive ( for backing them up. Hope you’re all gonna enjoy these missing pages here. (all are also added to our links section). We’ll of course try to recover all of the missing images in the near future, but we could also use some help here. So if you happen to find any of the missing images or maybe some newer articles, please send them to

More Interviews Online

We’ve added two of the interviews from the lost websites to our interviews section. (in case you don’t feel like crwaling through all the websites…) Both were held by 3dGamingNet and highly interesting. View the Interview with Brady Bell here and the chat with the Trespasser Team here.

Several Site Updates

Well, for this update, we’ve updated our history and our interviews page (we know that we’ve been neglecting this site feature thoughout the last few months… sorry). Hope you’re gonna enjoy this.


Looks like Trespasser is getting a little famous on linux systems. ‘Dapper Dan’ informed us, that a new Trespasser review is online. You can find it here.

News from Bill Brown

Bill Bown (the composer of the original Trespasser soundtrack) informed us , that he has updated his website and made a few more tracks available for download, including new tracks to Command and Conquer Generals, Rainbow Six 3 and a track called ‘Adventure Fanfare’. So go ahead and check out his website here.

Oh my god, here comes the incredible HULK!

Green seems to be the in-color of the summer (mainly because of the remake of ‘The Incredible Hulk’). Maybe that is what inspired Asjad to work on a nice new skin for the Trespasser T-Rex. I was quite amazed to see this coming (afterall this is the first Skin created for a Trespasser dinosaur)so check it out on our skinpacks page.


We messed up on last weeks update: By accident we deleted one of the download links to one of the T-Script generators… the link is fixed and waiting for your download here. Sorry.