Show us your location on a map!

We’ve had quite some time the last two days trying out googles new “Frappr” – an online map with some fun features. Have you ever been curious on where the next best Trespasser fan is? Then try out our Frappr map.

RaptorX shows off her stuff!

I must admit the title may be a little misleading (sorry there RaptorX), but I figured it was funny and catchy enough to present her drawings in the best way possible. Turns out: RaptorX, who is currently working on an ambitious Jurassic Park website by the name of Jurassica, is an extremely talented artist when it comes to sketching rough Dinosaur images. But let her works speak for themselves:


raptorx1 raptorx2


You may of course find other artist just like her in our FanArt section.

Become a Star-trespasser – the easy way!

Our very own Code-Magician Big Red is currently looking for people contributing to his development. ATX needs people to write randomization files and/or dino jump behaviour files, draw/photo 2D maps, and even draw new level load images. Anybody helping him, will also be granted a special forum rank!

Now if that isn’t something! What are you waiting for?

Read his current thread and begin your work, soldier!!!

Digging into the past

Today we got a very special treat for you. Leovinus – a remarkably good fellow – has found a very rare preview on the “Lost World” games from 1997. These were released shortly before Trespasser and it looks like they even feature similar models – as a matter of fact, take a look at our Concep Art section and compare the models yourself. Leovinus was kind enough to scan it all in for your very own pleasure. So go aheade and download either the high (57mb) or the low(3.2mb) resolution version of this fantastic preview. Uncertain what the download is? Take a glance at it here: