Slugger publishes TresEd Tutorial

Forum member Slugger has published a full tutorial on our neat Trespasser Editor: tresed! This should be a large tidbit of help for anybody ever wanting to design the worlds of their dreams. I most certainly hope, that this will bring us some new Trespasser mods…. the entire community is drewling to get their hands on a new one.

To read the tutorial, follow this link. If you need some additional help on Trespasser : Check on the additional tutorails featured in our FAQ Database.

New FanArt has arrived

I am so glad that somebody is finally contributing some new fanart. Seriously, I am addicted to those! But this fix is good. As a matter of fact it is extremely good. So good that it makes up for the long wait. I guerantee. As a matter of fact enjoy Salvosupers extremely good art here:

Or take a look at more artists in our FanArt section. Now @ all of you artists out there. Please don’t let me ever wait that long again!