Diaries of an older generation

Forum member John Parker Hammond, or JPH as he calles himself, began writing a short story based on the fictional diaries of John Parker Hammond (no, not the forum member – the character from the Jurassic Park movies/books!). It is definately worth a look, so head over to our forum to check on: “InGen’s Misdemeanor: The Hammond Memoirs”

Chaos Effect – a toy story

The title may be a little misleading, but the truth is that a newly registered forum member, by the name of SlashMaster, just blew us away last week! He opened up this thread and we never had a chance. The things he showed were a set of images from his new mod based on the popular JP toys series “Chaos effect”:


Now that we got your attention, please let me give you a little inside on the story: (1998)after the fall of inGen hammond wants to preserve site b, then JP Institute was created; (present day) few months ago strange activity was detected by satellital imaging; a team of genetists(dr. Woo too) and paleontologhist was sended to the island 3 weeks ago, they lost signal when overflying the island; your

mission: rescue the team, eradicate the genetically mutated elements and engage the PRIMARY TARGET.

The modification will feature none less than 20 levels, including boss stages, training levels, action stages, and some flashback-movie-based levels. Now wasn’t this worth the read???