Trespasser goes to Hell!!!

Who would have thought that Trespasser would ever get ported to a new Engine? Well, guess what! Our new forum member Gabrobot took over that quest and actually succeeded by porting the Trespasser demo to the Doom III engine! Anybody doubting his talent may just take a look for himself:


Gabrobot is still looking for some help to complete this task! So please follow the link to our forum and help pushing Trespasser to the new Millenium!

ATX Version 1.36 waiting for download

Got oyu hooked on Trespasser by the images above??? Main TresCom-Hacker BigRed is constantly working on his great set of Trespasser improvements by the name of ATX! His recent update fixes a bunch of bugs and also adds a few new features to this already excellent piece of software. Always wanted to be the Director of the first Trespasser movie? This is entirely possible – simply download and install ATX and you may now easily record your actions. Please follow this link to BigReds website.

A piece of Trespasser history

There comes a time when a new member joins the forums and instantly begins digging deeper into Trespasser history. In this case, we got lucky with Knickyx! This guy joined the forums a few days back and instantly posted up a never before seen Trespasser preview! Now whats so exciting about this, you may ask. The answer is clear and simple: This preview features unseen Conceptual drawings! We of course did not want to let you miss out on this. So please take a look yourself:


We also compiled a nice pdf file for you guys. So download the file in a high (36mb) and a low(4.6mb) resolution.