In the fall of 2001, a new game was to be released. This game titled Jurassic Park: Survival took you to Isla Nublar, the long abandoned island were dinosaurs roam the earth once more. You would play as a security officer, whose job would be to protect the scientists on the island and make sure the dinos don’t get off. But when a helicopter crashes on the island and a team of mercenaries arrive, your world is turned upside down.
You would have to defeat the mercenaries and stop the dinos from getting off the island. You would repel, jump, shoot, drive vehicles, operate machinery, do anything you could in the real world while pitted against 4 types of human and 8 different dinosaurs. However, with all these fantastic features, the game ran out of money and production stopped.
The real story is 4 years later, when a group of people dedicated to making sure a similar game, trespasser, became all it could be. When the game was discovered, many people hoped it would of came out for a simple reason: it was the closest thing to a trespasser 2. It had everything people could of wanted: drivable vehicles, added abilities, new dinos, and a whole lot of other things, like the ability to trap dinos, human enemies, projectile weapons (like a grenade launcher!) and even security cameras to scope out your enemies.
However, even though the game never came out, there is plenty of information about the game. There were 12 levels, including caves, jungles, beaches, canyons and a lab complex. There were 8 dinos: Dilophosaurus, Compsognathus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spinosaurus, Troonodon, Pteranodon, and Velociraptor. There were pistols, grenade launchers, rifles, and other really cool guns. There was even a chase on an ATV!
So, it might be possible to make a rough reconstruction of the game. I have chosen to do so in story. There are modifications however. Instead of just 8 dinos, there will be 16 species. In the game, a security tram gets the main character, David Vaughn, uses a security tram to get from one area of the island to another. Instead, David will have different means of transportation. In the game, David carries a PDA to call his other team members. In the story, David carries the PDA with both a com link and maps for the island as well as a shock prod, mountain climbing equipment and key-card clearance to access any security terminal on the island.
However, these are rather minor differences. The story still has a lot of the same ideas. If you don’t like them, then stop reading now.



David stared out at the glistening sea through the helicopter window. Already he could see the island. Already, he had regrets. “So what do I need to do again? I understand you wanted people with heavy weapon training and a military background. But why?” “Because,” His employer, a government agent, answered, “because, we have several important scientists on the island. Besides, the island’s, uh, wildlife need containment. There have been accidents concerning them.”
“And what wildlife would this be? “ David asked. He had been anxious to know. Back in Costa Rica, he had learned his job would be dangerous, but he didn’t learn why. And it would have to be some pretty big wildlife to hurt someone, like what the suit said…
“The island is inhabited by, uh, InGen’s experiments.” “The InGen dinosaurs? You mean the ones that killed a whole team of mercenaries on that other island?” Now Vaughn knew why he was being paid 40,000 a week. “Yes. I’m afraid that the island is a high risk area. But that’s why the scientists are there. We are trying to find ways to modify the dinosaur’s genetic code to make them less dangerous. But anyway, this is your standard field equipment. The US and Costa Rican governments put it together for you.”
As the suit said this he laid down some equipment. A shock prod. A PDA. Mountain climbing and jungle survival equipment. “The PDA has maps of the island and a com link to your fellow team members, who are already on the island. The shock prod can go up to 100,000 volts, but it won’t do much good against anything over 20 feet long, plus solar powered with a battery included. The mountain climbing gear has items for repelling and rope climbing. The jungle pack has a flask, camo gear and hiking boots. Once you land on the island, you’ll be granted an all-access key card. And that’s it. There are weapons and vehicles in facilities around the island, but you’ll mostly be working in the main compound. Anyway, the flight’s almost over, we’ll be landing in a few minutes.”
David looked out the window. It was true. As he grabbed his stuff, he watched the dinosaurs down below. On the plains, he watched as a two rexes stalked a herd of parasaurs and corythosaurs. As the plains became jungle, David heard an ear splitting scream. Not human, not t-rex. It was almost… bigger.
He shook himself of the notion. No carnivore was bigger then a T-rex. Not that InGen had created anyway… But the thought was driven from his mind as a he saw a jeep exiting the jungle, heading through the gates to the compound. He had read about the visitor’s center. Clearly, it had been remodeled. The facility was now a research station. A helipad had replaced the top tower. The worker’s quarters had been rebuilt. A large garage was built overtop of the old underground one. The helicopter shook as it made a semi circle in the air and descended to the ground. As soon as it landed, a man ran out of the building to the helipad. As soon as David climbed out, he introduced himself.
“Hello. I’m Dr. Henry Wu. Welcome to the Isla Nublar research facility. I used to work here, as chief geneticist and I do now, only for the government. I’ll give you the tour.” “Nice to meet you.” David answered as they shook hands.
Henry led David down into the main building, down a hall and into the main room. “This was once the lobby. Now, it’s the main station for dinosaur research. Everything we know about the 16 species on this island is in this room, such as maps of migration routes and territory and behavior.” In the room, computers were scattered across the floor. Maps were tacked to the walls, rubber bands showing territory and migration routes. filing cabinets beside each desk. It was just a giant, boring office. Next, Wu lead David into a room down the hall. “This is the hatchery. Here, we make sure all species on the island continue to exist, so that we can observe and research them.” David watched as the eggs were rotated by robotic arms.
Next, Wu led David through the nursery, the garage and to the security center. “This is were you’ll work. Whenever one of our scientists goes out into the field, we assign security personal to escort them. Depending on the region you’ll be going into, you’ll be given weapons and other personal will be assigned.”
Next, Wu led David to his quarters in the personal building. “This is were you’ll sleep. There are even emergency weapons, in the case of an animal break in.” “You guys aren’t taking any chances are you?” David asked. “No, we’ve had to many fatalities before.” Wu answered. “Anyways, enjoy your room. Your work starts in the morning, 7 AM. Enjoy your night here.” And with that, Wu left, shutting the door behind him.