Compatibility Patches

machf have been busy again working on getting the levels from the early Trespasser builds to work with the retail engine. He has now fixed the .scn and .grf file from the early levels to properly work with the retail engine (except for some issues with Build 22’s IJ and TestScene level (for now)). You will still require to convert the .pid/.swp using the Pid reWrite tool(see below) along with the TPAupdate tool (see below) in order to fully experience the levels.
These patches can be found in our Patches download section. Please see the description of the downloads for information to get them working properly.


From the description:
“fixOcclusion is a simple drag-and-drop utility based on some of the functionality from the earlier pidRewrite tool. Its purpose is to fix the occlusion settings in early v130 pid’s (basically, the ones from Build 55) so that they are fuly compatible with later ones and can be properly viewed in TresEd. Just place the executable in the same folder as the Build 55 *.PID files, then drag an drop on top of it each .PID file you want to convert. The original ones will be saved with a “.bak” extension, just in case.”
This tool will fix the issue where TresEd won’t recognize occlusion objects as occlusions due to difference in the early v130 pid’s found in Build 55. You can found the tools in our Tools download section on the left or download it here: fixOcclusion Download