TPAupdate is a simple drag-and-drop tool to convert early TPA files (v130 and v140) to ones working with the engine from the release (v150). The Readme say:
“This is a small program that updates the old version (v130 and v140) TPA files contained in earlier Trespasser builds, like Build 22 (E3 demo), Build 32 (PC Gamer demo) and Build 55, making a new version (v150) compatible with the engine from the Trespasser release (Builds 116 and 117).”

You can download it here: TPAupdate Download

TPA Player

This new TPA Player version now allows you to play any official TPA from any of the builds (22-117) we currently have.
You can download it here: TPA Player v4.0.9.5

Updated Sound Name Listings

machf have updated his Sounds Name Listings to include all the known ones. Currently there are around 50 sound names still to be discovered across all our current builds.
You can find these in our Documents section.

Draconisaurus Stop-Motion Videos

Last year our forum member Draconisaurus have done a few really cool stop-motion videos with dinosaurs in them. They are worth checking out and you can find them at his YouTube channel.