Pid reWrite

For the past few weeks Rebel and machf have worked on a simple drag-and-drop tool to allow anyone to easily convert early v120 Pid’s into v130 ones (used by retail).
This way you are able to view the early levels from the E3 build (Build 22) and PCGamer build (Build 32) in TresEd in their original form. Unless you are able to run the early builds, this is an amazing utility. You can find it in our Downloads/Tools section or download it here: Pid reWrite Download

Canopy Valley

Draco thought the modding community had been quiet for a while so he fixed up one of his de-stress levels and put it up for release:
“Canopy Valley is a brief modding project of mind done mainly as stress-relief – a not-too-complex-mod with an assortment of terrain textures, models, and dinosaurs. The player gets to roam around a canopied forest landscape and hunt dinosaurs (sorry, no helicopters). Enjoy!”
Canopy Valley can be found in the Downloads/Levels section or downloaded here: Canopy Valley Download