Give them what they want

Another new exciting chapter of Sk8ers story: “Trespasser 2” has arrived. Read it here .

Gamespy merged with IGN

That’s right, our host: the Gamespy Network, has merged with another huge network: IGN. It was promised that this will not have any effects for hosted websites like us. Want to know more? Read the full article here.

Trespasser in Unreal?

Don Vercetti brought up these two links for us:

It are two single player episodes for Unreal Tournement.So if you feature the game: Play these levels and tell us what you think. If you ask me. converting or recreating levels of Trespasser into a new game engine sounds like a really cool idea… so please folks: more of that!

TresCom Story: a new start

Spino2aurus is making a comeback to our community and is bringing an all new episode of the “TresCom Story” with him.Many of you may have been waiting for this, so head over to it here .

Gamespy Titlefight

The official Gamespy titlefight of The Best Game ever, made it down to the final 32. So head over to the official website and cast your vote!

News from Bill Brown

Again, we’ve received some exciting news from Bill Brown, former composer of the Trespasser soundtrack. He’s been as busy as ever and published another great Cd of his: the official soundtrack to the Rainbow Six Enhancement : Athena Sword. For those of you, who are just as much of a fan of his as I am, take a look at his webstore today.

But this ain’t enough. He’s also posted a string Arrangement titled “Round 8 String” up on his site, which was featured in the movie Ali. And he’s also posted another great track from the game : Command and Conqueror: Generals , called : USA 8. You can download it for free. So make sure you listen to it today.

Bill’s Score to the upcoming game: Lineage II, has also made a nomination at this years G.A.N.G. Awards for :

Best Live Performance Recording

Best Cinematic/Cut-Scene Audio

Best Original Vocal Song – Choral

you can read the full article here