Turn off the darn TV!

Well, what can I say? Sk8er’s been heavily busy writing two new episodes of our Trescom fan story: Trespasser2. You shouldn’t be missing this, so head over to the new chapters here and here .

“No Retreat”

Our Forum member Nem has been working on a small series of levels for you: No Retreat. And for todays updated, he’s sent us a copy of his first part. You shouldn’t miss this… but I think that if these screenshots can’t get your attention, then probably nothing can:

If we got your interest, then download this neat level here.


Sadly, we’ve been having several problems throughout the last few weeks, which we’d like you to know about:

*Server related problems:

Our host, the Gamespy Network, was victim of a serious Virus attack, spread through the Planetdoom mail account.So in order to get rid of that email-virus, they had to block their outgoing Email server. Leading to several problems for us. :

-Forum Registrations are currently not possible, since new members can’t receive the confirmation email. To avoid this, please create your account and email (paul@trescom.org), or pm (“madppiper” or remdul”) us. We’d need your account name and email-address to confirm and unlock your account. We know that this is an inconvenient way to deal with new registrations, but unfortunately this seems to be the only way possible.Gamespy stated that this may last for a few weeks, until they’ve solved their problems….

-We can not reply to any email at this state, due to the same problem. So please be aware of that, when writing an email to us. This doesn’t mean however, that you should stop sending us emails. We are still grateful for new stuff and your thoughts. So please keep the stuff coming. In extreme cases, we might reply with the following email address: madppiper@aol.com.

*Site related problems

You may have noticed several errors up on our site. We almost lost our latest news update and several other sites, hosted by the diehard server have been unreachable. Luckily, we’ve been capable of fixing these problems. There has also been a problem with several links on our page. So we’ve updated our links section to fix this.

*Several other problems

Unfortunately, we’ve also been having several other problems, due to which we’ve lost plenty of emails. So if you’ve sent us an email within the last few weeks and we didn’t reply to it, yet. Please send it again to paul@trescom.org. (just in case, so that we won’t lose anything) Thx!

Links updated

Yes, we’ve updated our links section and added a few new Trespasser pages (Trespasser Site B and Trespasser Spain). You should definately risk a look. There has also been a polish Trespasser website, but due to our current system errors, we have lost the link. So if any of your have heard about it, drop us a line: paul@trescom.org .Thx!

TC_Isle Alpha crawling your way

It’s true. the Alpha version of Tc-Isle is finished and availabe for all contest winners for download. (so if you’re one of the winners, drop us a line and you’ll receive the download link). For all others we’re proud to show you some new screenshots: