Presented for the first time are the entire available recordings of Richard Attenborough’s performance of John Parker Hammond from the DreamWorks Interactive PC Game Trespasser- The Lost World: Jurassic Park. These were the same files featured in Jurassic Time: The Memoir Of John Parker Hammond- The Anniversary Edition, an audiobook-style presentation that included music from the game edited to carry the story. Most of the files are sourced from an early alpha version of the game that featured the best quality available. The retail version of the game featured degraded quality and dreamlike echo effects on the voice, whereas these are mostly the untouched recordings with fantastic sound. Some of the dialogue remains edited, in stereo, with minor atmospheric effects. A set of dialogue that reads an old diary entry sadly remains in intentionally degraded quality. Also included are a few alternate versions of the dialogue and some additional dialogue selected from the DreamWorks Interactive PC Game Chaos Island- The Lost World: Jurassic Park that is hard to come by (and sadly in bad quality). The files are all organized in folders in the order done for The Anniversary Edition. It should be noted that in the game files themselves there was no storytelling order at all; just a scattered, incoherent mess. After over a decade of different versions of The Memoir, I decided it was finally time to have the recordings themselves easily accessible. While I still firmly believe the The Anniversary Edition is the best way to experience Hammond’s story, I know these files have been long-requested. So here they are; preserved for all time.

Jurassic Time.