Server Downtime

As you may have noticed have we been facing a long server downtime for the last 2 weeks. This was caused by a serious security breach on one of the dynamic Gamespy servers. This lead to a server shutdown by our host Gamespy , in order to repair the servers and establish further counter-measures.

In the meantime we redirected the domain to the diehard server,at which we established a tiny forum. (Remdul coded this one over night, thats how much we love you! hehe)

Right now we are trying to get everything back into place and to re-organise our files. So it may take some time until we can go on with the usual updates. So please bear with us. We’re doing our best to fix the errors.

An extra note on Trescom Isle: Due to this accident, we were thrown back by two weeks in production. So we are discussing a new release date right now and will let you know the following days.