New Board Section Opened: Trespasser Article Database

A new forum section has been started. The Trespasser Articles Database will be updated often with new articles almost every day. Be sure to check them out and rate them on how interesting you found them to be.

TPDC Version 0.2 coming soon

Yes, a new version is underway. Improvements include:

  • added other camera views (left, right, top etc.)
  • triangle outline rendering
  • anti-aliased lines
  • vertex culling (hides vertices behind geometry)
  • unassigned vertices are now shown in green
  • select double vertices, allows you to keep ‘hard edges’ in models
  • configurable vertex size (increase size to make selection easier)
  • improved “new dino” wizard
  • load and save weights, allows you to edit the model outside TPDC without having to re-rig it again
  • numerous bugfixes

Here are some screenshots: