Trespasser Walkthrough From 1997! – Part Four – Industrial Jungle

Time for the another part! Industrial Jungle.

Situations which have been planned but not designed yet will be marked with an asterisk: *

Industrial Jungle

On crossing the gorge, Anne finds herself at the bottom of a valley. The jungle is yet darker and mistier here, and there are eery distant dinosaur calls and the like. A small, mostly dry streambed runs into the thick jungle, and hills slope away to the east and west. The obvious and easiest direction to proceed is north, and this is where Anne must eventually go.

Combat at the pond

Climbing a level

Lincoln logs

At this point, the hills on either side of the stream begin to close in, quickly forming a gorge. Anne may proceed along the streambed, but a dozen meters or so ahead she will see that the gorge is blocked with boulders. The correct course is to take the high road – a relatively flat section of hill runs along the gorge on its south-east side. However, in order for Anne to get there, she must first ascend a small cliff face. A handy group of short logs and branches are scattered about the stream bank, and Anne can stack them in a manner similar to everyone’s favorite childhood toy, Lincoln Logs, in order to make a structure high enough to allow her to jump up to the top of the cliff.

A steep, slippery slope

Not too far from the Lincoln Log puzzle, however, a steep ridgeline blocks Anne from proceeding any further along this side of the gorge. A dead tree offers a passage to the other side of the gorge, but here the going is anything but easy.

This side of the gorge is a very steep slope, but it has been affected by a tree blight and many of the trees are dead and fallen over. Additionally, the soil has eroded enough to expose plenty of small rocks jutting out from the surface of the hillside. Some dead trees have already come to rest against the rocks, providing short, narrow ramps which Anne can walk along. If she tries to walk on the hill itself, however, she will slip and slide down into the gorge (which she can work her way back out of). In addition to the trees which have already fallen over, many of the trees around the slope are so rotten they will fall over at a slight push. By pushing over trees and moving around the ones which are already in place, Anne can make a path from one rock to another across the steep face of this hill, until she reaches a point where she can descend back into the gorge on another huge dead tree.

Climbing out of the gorge

The dead tree which Anne uses to get into the gorge is part of a large pile of trees which have collected at this spot. They form an oddly-slanted network of ramps, and Anne can jump from tree to tree until she reaches the rim of the gorge on the other side.

Raptor chase through blighted forest

Unfortunately, the hillside Anne finds herself on, while less steep than the slope she has just traversed, is the home to a small pack of raptors. The jungle itself has died out even more severely than that on the steep slope, and now there are many clearings varying from tiny to large, some eroded down to the bare rock, others with some dead trees still standing in their center. Additionally, many of the largest jungle trees have fallen over, creating large obstacles stretching for meters.

The raptors will assault Anne mostly one at a time. If she cleverly makes use of the terrain, evading raptors behind the hugest trees, dashing out into clearings to get sticks or rocks for improvised weapons, and quickly taking routes across or through obstacles which will give the dinos trouble, she should be able to escape this section with her skin intact.


When Anne gets through the gaps in the forest, the hillside will slope down to the side of a large flooded bend in the valley. Something must have dammed up the stream bed during some previous rainy season, causing what used to be a small pond at the base of a waterfall to expand into this huge expanse of water. Luckily, when the hunters were on the island, a small party which had been separated after the raptor attack had time to fashion a quick raft which they intended to use to cross the lake, but something must have eaten them before they had the chance, because the raft and the long steel pole they had intended to use are still at the edge of the water.

A brachiosaur grazes peacefully partway in the lake, and raises his head curiously when Anne approaches. Otherwise, he leaves her be unless we decide it would be more fun to have him stomp around and get in her way.

Anne’s challenge here is first to figure out how to get herself around on the raft (by poling against the lake bottom), and then, as the debris such as dead trees, floating logs, and partially submerged rocks begins to clutter the lake further, her challenge becomes a navigational issue of figuring out where she can fit the raft and how to make continuous forward progress.


After navigating the lake into a valley where it becomes narrower and narrower, the raft suddenly bottoms out near a partially-submerged wooden bridge. This area of the valley has been a swamp for quite some time, and the lake flooding didn’t affect it much. The water here is much shallower, too shallow to allow the raft in, so Anne is forced to return to foot. There are a series of islands here, with crude footbridges between them that some gung-ho InGen party had set up for hiking the area, back when the island was inhabited. Time and hurricanes have taken their toll on the bridges however, and now there is hardly a complete section to be found. There are many pieces of bridge planking scattered about on the islands, however, so Anne can construct herself a way across most of the gaping holes in the bridges.

If Anne decides to take the direct route and splash along through the water, she will discover that there are some sudden drop-offs in the bottom, which will unexpectedly slow her progress. In case she still thinks that this is a good idea, it will soon become clear why it is not: the swamp is populated with raptors.

The swamp should be a fairly intense experience – the player will have to think on her feet to quickly figure out where to go next, how to build a gap, and how to avoid or fend off raptors, all the while dealing with the constant possibility of falling in or running through the water, with the reduced mobility that entails.

Ridge climb

Anne will finally find a way out of the swamp to the east – here the water dries up at a mostly open area of land just in front of a very rocky ridge. Huge boulders form a series of shelves with irregular gaps between them. Some are short enough for Anne to jump up, but others will present more of a challenge. Luckily, small rocks and logs are abundant in this area, and can be used to create little steps where necessary. If any dinosaurs are still chasing Anne, however, this area will take on a whole new urgency. To this end, we could place an angered triceratops at the bottom of the ridge if necessary.

(Various IJ valley puzzles)

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