We do have something very special for all of you guys today: The Walkthrough of the TresCom beta level! Rexy40, a member of the TresCom Ops and co-webmaster of TresCity, has been working on it for several weeks now. So all of you, who needed help with the level: This is your chance to play through. We do however want to make clear, that using this walkthrough may result in less gameplay and fun.

Besides this, Andres James has also been working overtime on a new Testrelease of TresEd and two new tools, called “TPAADD” and “SWPz”. TresEd is now capale of playing sounds of the of the tpa (the trespasser sound files), “TPAADD” is the long awaited tool of adding new sounds/music files to Trespasser and “SWPz” allows the user to uncompress the SPZ texture files. All of these releases are still experimental though, so be very careful with them. To download the files, visit Andres’ page here.

A tutorial to “TPAADD” has been posted at our forum here (you need to be a registered member for viewing the post)! So you may want to check it out if you are going to use the tool.