Trespasser Walkthrough From 1997! – Part Three – Plantation House

Time for the another part! Plantation House. I hope this is a level you guys actually discuess for once..

Situations which have been planned but not designed yet will be marked with an asterisk: *

Plantation House

Having crossed the gorge, Anne is left on the final support of the monorail at the top of a ridge marking one of the foothills of Mt. Crick, just to her west. This is her first sight of the interior of the island, and it should be breathtaking – from here she can see Mt. Watson off in the distance, probably make out the plains, and get a good look at some of the terrain she is about to enter. The view of the town should be blocked by the rise between it and the Plantation House area.

*Down the hill

Anne can follow the remnants of another dirt road down off the side of Mt. Crick. The jungle here is getting a little darker and the mist getting heavier – it is no longer quite so comforting a place to be wandering through.

*Dinosaurs on parade

When Anne reaches the bottom of the hill, the road suddenly empties out into a large clearing, and this clearing is filled with dinosaurs! A triceratops family is peacefully grazing off to one side while an albertosaur lurks farther back in the trees, before making a sudden charge. The combatants will disappear down a slope to the northwest, and Anne would be wise not to follow.

*Just when you thought you were safe

Anne needs to cross the open area – she probably saw the construction area (below) from atop the railway, and knows the town is in that direction anyway. However, as she crosses the area, she is very exposed. The player may not feel this, but when the stegs suddenly all look up from their grazing, and perhaps issue a warning call, she should begin to question her safety.

Sure enough, two raptors are stalking her from the border of the woods. One is quite small, actually a child, and is just learning to hunt by observing its parent, so they aren’t quite the ruthless killing team seen in the films. However, as soon as they get close enough, the larger one will rush from cover towards Anne. There are many sticks and rocks littered around this area, and if Anne isn’t already carrying something, she will have ample time to prepare, while the adult raptor circles, making occasionally lunges. The young raptor will lurk just outside the combat, waiting for an opportunity. The adult raptor is fairly easily discouraged if the player hits it a time or two, and if Anne hits the child at all, it will flee, and its parent will run after it.

If the player isn’t very inventively combative, they may try to flee. The raptors can easily overtake her, however, so the only safe bet is to flee toward the stegs, who are on guard, and will ignore Anne and attack the raptors if they get too close.

*Hunter camp

If the player chooses to head east instead of north across the open plain (or comes back in that direction later) they will come to a valley cul-de-sac where the hunter camp from The Lost World was set up. Although the base was wrecked and abandoned, it is still full of useful items, and the defensive perimeter the hunters set up is still mostly intact.

The perimeter consists of a series of pit traps and dino-sized bear traps. Some of the pit traps are still concealed with dead branches and other foliage, but others yawn open. None of these defenses will prove fatal to Anne: the pits conveniently have enough garbage at their bottom that Anne can always make a staircase out if she falls in, and the beartraps hinder her movement if they clamp on to her leg, and require a fair amount of time to remove, but will come off. The perimeter mainly exists to slow the player down and give them something new to think about as they walk along.

Within the hunter camp many burned vehicles and flattened tents are strewn about the area. In a crate or a not-quite-so-wrecked vehicle Anne will find her first gun, and possibly a dino prod (electrical shock stick). Elsewhere there is a map which reveals the location of the Manor House and an alternate approach to the InGen town.

Construction Site

If the player heads almost due north across the open area, trying to follow the dirt road that led down from the mountain, she will come across a valley where the other end of the monorail was being built. This is an obvious entrance to the town, but unfortunately the valley has been sealed by a huge landslide which also brought down the monorail.

However, there is something for the player to do here – an extremely long piece of plywood (part of a form) extends horizontally from the top of the last monorail support. In this case, the player can get at it by dragging crates from their nearby position to make a stack next to the portable toilet or construction office, climbing up on top of the trailer, and using something suitably long (like a piece of rebar with a stick clamped to the end by a dino trap, for instance) to knock the wood down.

*Mysterious walls

Some old stone walls (European style) trace partial lines through the jungle to the west of the open area and construction site. If Anne is curious enough to follow them, she will come upon a foundation of a tiny building and a very old path running behind a stream, which leads southwest to the Plantation House

*At the house

At a bend in the river, the ruins of an ancient Spanish plantation house offer a tempting place for Anne to explore. If she has already been to the hunter camp, she knows that the hunters had marked the house as a location for a possible secondary base, and she should be even more tempted to explore.

*House puzzle

*Albertosaur attack

At some point while Anne is inside the house, she will hear the angry roar of an approaching Albertosaur. This half-sized version of a T-Rex will proceed to rip the house apart, knowing Anne is inside. The player must avoid the obviously weak rooms and walls of the house, and stay towards the center (or maybe get in to the basement) until the dinosaur eventually gives up and moves off. Possibly some active interference on Anne’s part may encourage this behavior – such as luring the dinosaur into attacking very unstable parts of the structure which will collapse, hurting it.

*To the shore

When the Albertosaur has left the area, Anne can feel free to explore around some more. A fairly obvious path leads further southwest, away from the house. Near the shore, it terminates at a 5m cliff, likely too tall to safely jump down, and anyway, the player would be stuck on the beach if she jumped down and survived.

*Down to the beach

Getting the hook

Once Anne makes it down to the beach, she will discover the remains of the wealthy family’s picnic from the beginning of The Lost World. The tables, chairs, and other items have been strewn about by recent high winds, and some things have even become lodged in the surrounding trees, like a very long, sturdy-looking boathook. Anne must get this down by throwing stuff at it, or possibly gathering other debris around the beach like the picnic table and making a stack high enough to reach it, or at least reach it with a pole (somewhat like the construction area puzzle).

*Balancing beam

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