Release of the Dinosaur Creator

Ever wanted to be like god? Create life of your own? Create something that walks and reacts to the wild environment? Well guess what: NOW YOU CAN!

Yes, this is not a joke. We, the TCOps, have already done so in our recently released level “Tc-Isle” and now you can too. Ever wanted to see a Spinosaurus in Trespasser? Or ever felt like adding an entirely new dinosaur to the Jurassic Park universe, then this is the tool for you. After months of development it is finally available for…. well …everybody! Make sure you get a hold of this fine piece of software and grab the latest version here. The package also includes a tutorial so that you can begin playing god today…

Still not convinced? Check out these fine screenshots:


Polish Trespasser website opens its gates

Good news for all the polish Trespasser fans: An polish Trespasser website just opened and is aching for visitors! I think this is great news and certainly hope that they are having a great start-off! Make us proud and pay them a visit: