Two New Trespasser Music Tracks Found

Well, your’s truly has discovered some new Trespasser music cues by composer Bill Brown via one of my music downloading programs! There are only two, both of which being alternate cues of previously known cues. Just when I thought I had every single track… these randomly pop up. Makes me wonder if there are more new or alternate cues out there. So give them a listen by checking out the forum topic!

Secret Trespasser Project… To Be Revealed

Hopefully within this week, I will be finally done with my secret project that will hopefully delight you all. I’m not going to reveal what it is… but let’s just say that the soundtrack from Trespasser is involved. I like to think of it as a nice souvenir of the game so you can still have the spirit of it even when you don’t play it. It’s something that I am surprised no one here has ever done. After all these years. I actually have been waiting for someone else to do it even though I never really mentioned my desire for it. But I guess I never mentioned it because secretly I wanted to do it. And I am almost done. It has taken me A LOT of time and energy. Sometimes it’s been truly frustrating. But every time I look back at what I did I am very happy. To me the only way it could be better was if there was more of what I needed from the game. But unfortunately not all I needed was available. But still, the results are rewarding.

What is it? You’ll find out. But not yet. 😉