New Trepasser Developer interview

Yes that’s right today we have a new interview for you guys conducted by or one and only member Tatu with Philip Salas who was an Art Director for our much loved game.
Check it out Interview with Philip Salas

A big thank you goes out to Tatu for taking the time to do this interview and Philip Salas for taking the time to answer the questions.

Hilwo’s Abandoned photography website back online! 

That’s right Hilwo took some time to put his awesome Abandoned Photography website back online.
Here it is Abandoned Photography Website 

Trespasser T-shirts? I want one!! 

Once again our member tatu go in contact with one of the trespasser testers called Tony, who was kind and took some pictures of these!


This is what he had to say about the image above:
“This is a white, cotton t-shirt used as bonus gift for customers who pre-ordered the Jurassic Park game “Trespasser.”
The inset image is the Trespasser logo as it appears over the left chest on the front of the shirt”


“This is a customized, red, embroidered bowling shirt given to each of the team members who worked on the Jurassic Park game “Trespasser” at DWI. My shirt is customized with the name “Hawklord” embroidered above the pocket. Note the bowling figure on the collar. TRESPASSER
65,000,002.5 years in the making”

A big thanks to Tony for these awesome images.

Trespasser Soundtrack complete version!

That’s right Tatu has been quite busy lately once again he got in contact with the one and only Bill Brown and Bill being the awesome guy he is gave use the official track list for the soundtrack


With this great news machf was able to update and find the missing music files in the TPA check out this topic for more info on this great discovery!

FULL Music List!

JPDS Exclusive images for all! 

Yes Draco was kind today he took some time off from hunting raptors in the forest and gave use some exclusive images of JPDS check them out for yourself:

Yep looks cool doesn’t it? Well I have some bad news when hunting raptors in the forest, Draco accidently fell in a dinosaur trap and yeah… sadly that means no JPDS…
Nah just joking! He is working on it as we speak and is hoping to release it soon.