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Migration Complete

Hey, Were back to full power in the Park again! Like John Hammond once said: “All major theme parks have had delays. When they opened Disneyland in 1956, nothing worked, nothing.” So welcome back everyone! I hope no one got eaten by raptors in the forums absence?! Now the forum should be working and everything  Continue Reading »

Trespasser Walkthrough From 1997! – Part Seven – Pine Valley

Trespasser Walkthrough From 1997! – Part Seven – Pine Valley Pine Valley The entrance to the Pine Valley is a large gate blocking off the North Road. Anne must open this gate (insert puzzle here). After doing so, she finds herself at a high point looking down a long valley. The trees here are totally  Continue Reading »

Monday, 11th October 2010

Trespasser Walkthrough From 1997! – Part Six – Plains Looking around, the player is presented with the grand vista of the plains. For more than a kilometer, open, short-grassed terrain dotted with occasional clumps of trees gently rolls off into the distance. Brachiosaurs are visible in the extreme distance, grazing on the few trees, and  Continue Reading »

Wednesday, 30th June 2010

New Trepasser Developer interview Yes that’s right today we have a new interview for you guys conducted by or one and only member Tatu with Philip Salas who was an Art Director for our much loved game. Check it out Interview with Philip Salas A big thank you goes out to Tatu for taking the time  Continue Reading »