Trespasser Walkthrough From 1997! – Part Six – Plains

Looking around, the player is presented with the grand vista of the plains. For more than a kilometer, open, short-grassed terrain dotted with occasional clumps of trees gently rolls off into the distance. Brachiosaurs are visible in the extreme distance, grazing on the few trees, and nearby a stegosaurus family and a pair of triceratops drink from the same. The land gently slopes up, and Anne might just be able to make out a vast gray concrete structure in the distance – the dam to which she must eventually travel.

The Plains is perhaps the least terrain-restricted and therefore most non-linear section of the adventure. Anne needs to collect a battery for a gate-opener in order to get into the grounds of the dam and get to the Pine Valley, but she will not know this immediately, and finding the battery involves hunting down one of the many dinosaurs on the plains, and removing its tracking collar – and only some dinosaurs have collars.

*Run from danger
Traversing the plains is a dangerous proposition – there are long, empty stretches with nothing to hide behind or pick up to fend off attack. Anne will need to be smart and careful, and sprint from clump of trees to clump of trees, and only pick fights when she knows she won’t be overwhelmed.

Raptor Charge

Possible action sequence – while Anne is in the open, a raptor bursts from cover and charges her. She only gets 3-4 shots in before it closes with her – can she kill it?

Gate to Town
The road that used to run to the town is blocked by a gate. The gate includes a sign that reads, “Warning! Remote-operated gate system. Have your signal ready.” On the ground nearby is a remote-control signaller, a small box with a space for a battery. The battery in it is corroded-looking and plainly non-functional..

*Crashed plane
(to the north, near the shore, has guns, some sort of physical puzzle to get up inside, whole thing unbalanced?)

*T-Rex encounter
(evade a T-Rex near the downed radio tower? Make him chase you into a pack of stegs/trikes?)

a small cement structure in the extreme north of the plains, contains some items which hint at some sort of story: a child’s toy, some dishes, a weapon.

*Watering hole
A pond between two small ridges is one of the largest watering holes in the area. This is a good place for Anne to look for a dinosaur with a tag, and a good place to make dinosaurs have staged fights, or to menace Anne when she tries to get in close enough to grab a tag or attack a tagged dino.

Dam gate
The dam fills up the end of a valley up which the North Road runs. Anne is forced down to the valley floor by a washout on the road, if she has been following it up to now, and in order to get back up to the top, she has to get into the dam area, by using her gate opener-with-battery.

Dam floodgate secret
A small building at the base of the dam controls the floodgate, a metal panel which blocks off a passage under the dam. If Anne searches really well inside the control building, she will find a lever hidden above one of the panels of the drop ceiling which she can reattach to the control panel and thus open the floodgate. Inside the flood channel is an alcove which contains the body of Harry Greenwood, and more importantly, his partially loaded and still functional UZI. A grating bars Anne from walking to the other side of the dam, so she will have to come back out and climb up the stairs on the front.

Climbing the stairs
The steep hillside to the west of the dam has a decrepit staircase of concrete landings leading up it to the top of the dam. This is Anne’s only way to reach the top of the dam. The steps are crumbling, and some will break in two as she tries to climb them, or are already missing. Parts of the staircase are made narrower by debris which has collected there over the years. Meanwhile a raptor or two will come bounding down from the top of the dam (and also perhaps up from the bottom of the stairs) to harass her while she is trying to climb.

The biggest problem is the top of the stairs however: the last dozen or so steps are completely missing, having been washed out some time ago. Anne will need to collect the debris from the stairs and bring them to the top in order to make a set of improvised steps to the top of the dam.

Fight on the dam
The top of the dam is very long, but not especially wide, and there is no safety railing to help Anne out. She wants to get on the road on the other (east) side of the dam, so she heads out in that direction. However, as she does, more raptors come at her from both sides of the dam again. Obstacles which she can make use of along the top of the dam include benches, some of which are fixed to the surface, and others of which are loose, some stray boxes, a wooden shack, and the spillway (see below). There will be no shortage of improvised weapons for Anne to grab if she finds herself without – the challenge here will be to fight in a small, precarious space – training for the even smaller high places Anne will be fighting on later in the game.

Crossing the spillway/the crack
About two thirds of the way across the dam is a gap in its surface, where the spillway runs. It is bridged with a set of metal panels, but rust and age have eroded many of their supports, and now many of them are precariously balanced. Anne may fall down into the spillway – if she does, there is a long crack in the front of the dam face – the cement was incorrectly mixed, and a large section of the bottom half of the dam has shifted forward, much like the edges of a geologic fault, due to the pressure of the water behind the dam. This makes a series of ledges which Anne can use to safely descend the front of the dam, and then get back to the staircase to make her way up again. There either will be dropoffs along the ledges such that she can’t use them to get back up, or climbing up them isn’t much use anyway because that merely leaves her stranded at the top of the spillway, several meters below the actual dam top.

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