Sadly one of the greatest Trespasser sites went down on Monday 🙁 used to be one of the most interesting sites out on the web, giving us plenty of information. But after TSoRD left, this site left with him. It was still up until now, although it was not updated. I guess we will all remember TSoRD and what he has done for the community. We would not be here without him. However we do not want to lose this site after all, this is why we decided to upload it onto this server, making it available for our future. The new domain will be:

Please notice, that it is however not our property, thus we won’t be able to maintain / update it at all.

Besides these sad news, we still did some work on this site! We uploaded some extra footage to our fan art section:

And also noticed a couple of broken links in our downloads section. We will try to fix these in the near future.

We would also like to notice the latest TrespasserCity update, on which Wajas, asks for a little help. Let’s show the others that the community can stick together!