Trespasser Walkthrough From 1997! – Part Seven – Pine Valley

Pine Valley

The entrance to the Pine Valley is a large gate blocking off the North Road. Anne must open this gate (insert puzzle here). After doing so, she finds herself at a high point looking down a long valley. The trees here are totally different than what she’s seen before – giant pines, thick-trunked redwoods, and sparser undergrowth over a bed of pine needles make up this scene.

The noise of jungle animals is conspicuously absent, and the whole area seems empty, but threatening. At various points, Anne gets a glimpse of the extent of the valley – hundreds of trees descending towards the glittering ocean, far away. The floor of the Pine Valley is dominated by a deep gorge, and Anne will spend much of her time going from one side of the gorge to the other.

North Road washout

Upper Pine Valley ledges

Other upper Pine Valley sequences?

Scramble up to the road

Albertosaur chase

Unfortunately, not long after getting back on to the North road, an avalanche blocks Anne’s progress again. A handy nearby dry stream offers a set of ledges which Anne can use to descend back to the lip of the gorge. However, just as she slides down the last slope, she hears the angry roar of an albertosaur from her right. At this point, Anne knows enough not to try to kill this monster, but instead runs like hell down the easiest path through the woods. Here and there, the cleared path narrows, and Anne can duck between two close trees, which the Albertosaur will either have to knock over or find another way around, gaining her precious seconds. A quick jump up some rocks gets her onto a path around a ridge, and out of harms way for a little while, but the path runs out and she has to descend again. Then, suddenly, a large avalanche blocks any further possibility of running, and Anne must quickly decide to slide down its face into the gorge. The albertosaur chooses not to follow, roaring his frustration from several meters above Anne’s head.

Gorge climb

Across from the avalanche, the gorge wall has many rocky projections which serve as a set of platforms Anne can jump up to get to the top of the other side of the gorge.

High point

A set of gently-sloped rocks allow Anne to climb quite high up a ridge, and walk out on a large rocky projection which gives her a completely unobstructed view of the rest of the valley.


A pool has formed at the base of a small rise in the terrain. It sits in the center of a clearing, and is the home base for a number of grazing triceratops. They are completely non-aggressive, unless Anne actually attacks them, and this is a useful place for Anne to retreat to when she is being chased by raptors.

Raptor valley

A small valley, raised slightly above the surrounding terrain, extends to the northwest from the pond. Some lost hunters camped here one night and the site of their fire, and evidence of an attack by dinosaurs, can be found by the player, along with something useful like a gun. If the player proceeds much further into the valley, however, they will make the unpleasant discovery of a group of tough raptors. They are especially aggressive because their nest is at the end of the valley.

Hidden village

The player will be able to cross the gorge again to the east of the pond, past the avalanche that brought an abrupt end to the albertosaur chase. The valley floor has widened significantly here, and the North Road has descended from its course along the ridge to run just beside the gorge. If the player takes some time to explore the full extent of the valley, or even just looks around carefully, she may spot a faint trail leading to the ruins of an ancient Mayan village built into the wall of the ridge. Some InGen archeological equipment was left around the area, and the player can use a crowbar to pry at a building stone carved with a face, to discover something cool, or possibly shift some of the rocks filling the village well to find an item forgotten by the archeologists which the rocks later rolled to cover.

Raptors on the road

Returning to the North Road, Anne will find herself pursued by another gang of raptors. They will chase her through the woods, through a swampy area similar to that in Industrial Jungle, but with more, though smaller, humps of land sticking out of the water, and finally to the gates of the geothermal power plant.


A moat and a cement wall surround the geothermal plant, and the drawbridge on the plant side is raised, making the whole place seem like Hammond’s interpretation of a medieval castle. Without much time to spare, unless she has already dispatched the entire pack of raptors, Anne must shoot out the supports which are holding the drawbridge up, and it will come crashing down, allowing her to cross.

Plant gate

Solving this puzzle, just on the other side of the drawbrige, gets Anne into the geothermal power plant.

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