Trespasser Walkthrough From 1997! – Part Eight – Shore


Anne starts this section of the game inside the power plant, but when she is finished there, she will have restored the power to the island’s facilities, and be able to proceed on to the Harbor, and beyond it, to the InGen Lab.

Even more than the InGen town, the power plant and the Harbor area are impressively large industrial edifices which have begun to be swallowed up by nature.

The Geothermal Plant, surrounded by a wall and mostly cleared of vegetation inside the wall, is still relatively intact and free of jungle growth, but it has been caked with dirt and damaged by the heavy winds from the hurricanes which have hit Isla Sorna.

The Harbor is more exposed, and trees and ferns have begun to grow up against its massive structures.

Plant – control building

Anne quickly discovers that there is another gate out of the plant, but that it is sealed tight, and beyond her power to open. If she could get the power in the plant restored, she could activate the gate’s hydraulics in order to proceed. The first step in doing this is to find and get inside the control building, where there will presumably be some sort of status readouts or maybe a nice big ‘ON’ switch she can use.

The control building has been left locked, but Anne can find a couple ways inside: one is to poke something through the barred window kitty-corner to the front door, and knock over the standing whiteboard inside, thereby forcing the doors open (they have those push-bar latches only, and no other locks, and the whiteboard will fall on the bars, unlatching the doors). Her other option is revealed if she gets up onto the walkways which run around the plant at the level of the steam pipes – when she gets near the large vertical canister which is the steam condenser, some broken railing gives her an opening to jump over to the roof of the control building, where she spies a broken skylight, through which she can jump directly into the control room.

In the control room, there’s a mess of lights, dials, and other readouts, and a large electronic plant status diagram on the wall. The status chart shows the major components of the plant, and a red or green light to indicate their status. Additionally, each plant component has a section of the control panel which corresponds to it, giving more information – the two are visually linked for the player by icons which are shown on the status board and the control panel.

The first thing Anne needs to do is open the door to the plant restart buttons on the control panel. Here, she can activate each section of the plant by pressing the corresponding button, but as she tries to do this, various red lights start appearing, as well as a computer-voiced error message. Now it is up to our plucky heroine to resolve the problems affecting each section of the plant.


A big square pool of water feeds the cooling tower at the plant. The reservoir is currently empty, so Anne needs to fill it up again to get a green light. She can see a pipe running from the fill-pump (which sits out in the middle of the pool) out into the valley, back in the direction she came. If she follows the pipe to its end, she will discover another pump. It needs to be restarted (by pushing a button then throwing a switch) in order to restore water flow to the reservoir. By the time Anne returns to the plant, the reservoir should be mostly filled.

Cooling Tower

The cooling tower’s interior temperature is too high – in other words it’s not cooling. Anne can’t get inside the building, but she can climb up the staircase on its back, and reach the top. When she gets up here, she will see the two large cooling stacks, and notice that while there is a sound of a large fan slowly cutting the air, it is only coming from one of the stacks. The large branch sticking out of the top of the other one should give her the final clue she needs. If she climbs up the additional staircase beside the blocked stack, she can pull out the branch, and the fan will start rotating again. By the time she returns to the control building, she’ll have a green light here, too.


In the turbine building, Anne needs to get the turbine spinning at the right speed to produce 60Hz current. This is accomplished by tweaking four control valves on the speed governor until all their indicator needles point to green. This is a complex system, where turning one affects the settings of all the others.


The transformer array which boosts the plant’s output voltage to the high powers used in power lines has a short in one of its components. Anne must navigate the array of electrified busbar (metal pipes which conduct electricity among the transformers and circuit breakers) and find the shorted component, then throw a switch to take it out of the grid. A nearby box has a panel with LEDs inside it which identify which is the damaged component, so Anne can figure it out without trial-and-error. Matters are complicated, however, by the fact that a couple of raptors come from somewhere to harass Anne during this procedure.


Once the plant’s power is restored, lights all over the island turn on, and the northern plant gate becomes active. Anne continues on her voyage towards the lab, but is quickly stymied by another drawbridge like the one at the power plant moat across the final meters of the Pine Valley gorge. This drawbridge is on Anne’s side of the gorge, at least, but she can’t push it down when she tries. If she looks around, she will find that there is a ledge just down the gorge which allows her to get to the underside of the bridge – a small piece of 2×4 has been jammed into the gear on the underside of the drawbridge. Removing this is one step, but now Anne needs to return to the road, and find that there is a drawbridge release mechanism under a metal plate in the ground just beside the bridge. The release is missing a lever, however, so Anne needs to find a stick which will fit into the hole, and use it to throw the release. When she does this, the bridge will slowly start to lower. (It is inadvisable to throw the release and THEN remove the 2×4, but if Anne gets out of the way relatively quickly, she won’t be crushed!)

*Harbor Gate

A big gate across the North Road blocks off the harbor, and Anne needs to get across it somehow. Chokepoint, probably.

*T-Rex vs crane

As Anne enters the harbor area, a curious T-Rex will emerge from behind the warehouse, and slowly begin to approach Anne. It is not sure she is food, and will attempt to sniff her and nudge her with its head at first rather than just biting her. As it does this, she will be slowly backed up against the crane at the harbor shore. The crane has lost its cabling and hook, but (now that power is restored) it does still function. Anne can climb up inside the cabin of the crane, and play with the levers inside – one rotates the crane, and the other raises and lowers the crane arm – the levers are analog, and the further they are pushed or pulled, the faster the movement induced. The T-Rex will become more and more angry as it fails to get at Anne inside the cab, but she will quickly figure out how to give it a couple good, hard wacks with the crane arm, and it will decide that it isn’t so hungry, after all.

*Sunken tug

Find briefcase


The InGen warehouse is a huge affair, not unlike the matte-painting enhanced warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Indeed, it is here that Hammond received shipments of holy artifacts – er – biotech supplies from all over the world. The warehouse is relatively empty by now, with a few lonely stacks of boxes here and there. A network of catwalks allows Anne to get above the crates, and there is possibly a lift on motorized tracks
at this level which she can get in and use to shift some boxes around. Perhaps there is something which has fallen inside a ring of crates which Anne can’t climb over from ground level until she moves some of them. (another thing we could do would be to have a real and good-looking forklift to show up Shadow Warrior, including an actual working lift part)


One of our highly secret areas is hidden on the ocean side of the island which is just offshore of the harbor. Anne can get there by jumping along the pilings from the collapsed pier, and then jumping out to the barge which floats out in the water near the wrecked pier. On the barge, she will find something, possibly another little crane, which she can contrive to form a walkway out to the island.

*Ultra-secret island area

Some cool easter egg, possibly additional puzzle to get it.

*Loading area

The loading area has boxes, gas pumps, a rusty truck, and a shack-office, and currently, no puzzle. It could have some codes you need for the lab, or possibly a device to open the lab gate. Perhaps the lab gate is opened by a multi-part device, which can be assembled from parts around the harbor.

*Dock Offices

The offices are a two-story affair (if possible) with plenty of opportunity for interesting fighting, and a good chance to find a computer, some information, maps on walls, or other goodies of that sort.

*Harbormaster’s shack

A shack on a slight rise, from which the harbormaster watched over the whole area. Maybe something puzzle-related to find in here.

*Construction office trailer

Again, a building without much inside it, which could hold a puzzle or item.

*Dead T-Rex

Not a puzzle as such, but a T-Rex skeleton for Anne to find with blown-up skull to back up the story of the hunter who blew himself up to kill it while it was chomping on him.

*Exiting the shore

The ultimate puzzle of the shore area is the gate to the lab. Anne needs to find some way to get through or over it – possibly a ‘trebuchet’ arranged from a partially-collapsed watchtower, by which she can catapult herself over the gate, although this sounds a bit suicidal.

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