Trespasser Walkthrough From 1997! – Part Nine – InGen Lab

InGen Lab

Beyond a gate, nestled in a narrow point of the valley which opens out to the harbor, the InGen lab’s three university-style buildings loom out of the advancing vegetation, the last remnants of Hammond’s great aspiration. With the power restored, emergency exterior and interior lighting come on, making the scene even spookier – the outside floods and the red-tinged interior light make it seem as if the inhabitants just recently fled, unable to stop some sudden Day of the Triffids-like attack by the jungle.

Entering the biology building

Climb dumpster to get in

Basement/rooftop fusebox

Reset circuit breakers to restore full power

Clean Room

Use robot arm to open door or do something from other side

Walkway Roof

Smash out window, walk on roof of covered walkway over to admin building

Fire escape

Pull down with hook

Administration building office

Eerie. Find what here?

Roof jumping

Only way in to computer building is to jump from admin roof.

Computer vault

Use electro magnet to slide vault door bolts back


What’s unique about this fight?

Computer hacking

Nedry ah-ah-ah, reboot mainframe, hack in windows-like environment, get some information? Password something related to Nedry’s fantasy paraphenalia.

Bonus puzzle(s)

Pool table? Executive toys?

Exit puzzle?

Do we need one?

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