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  • Release Date December 14, 2020
  • Last Updated December 23, 2022
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Nick3069's IT Bug Fix & PV

I've been working on IT level all week and I made it connect to my (incomplete) version of PV.

I was working on IT for an other reason though; I'm planning on making a series of level which would start at the West gate of Burrough and end at the Summit. (AKA you take other way around the mountain. :D) Don't get too exited! I'm not sure if I will ever have enough time to complete it.
BTW, that's why I was so curious about the west gate easter egg.

IT by Nick3069:
- most floating objects grounded. (99%)
- fixed physics. (example: the brocken satelite dish.)
- couple of fixed triggers. (example: try playing basketball. ;))
- re-added Wu's Microwave.
- loads PV at end.
- added toilette bols in the saloon.
- etc...

PV by Nick3069:
- start at the top of the hill, instead of on the helipad
- loads LAB at end
- added bridge wooden bridge (not very far after Alpha T. Rex)
- renamed PV, instead of DEMO
- most floating objects grounded (75%)