GeomAdd was being released today! Andres has been working on this amazing tool for the last few weeks and this is the first tool allowing you to insert new Models into Trespasser ever! Not only that, but he also developed the next version of TresEd featuring plenty of new options, which can be quite useful for the work with GeomAdd! So if you don’t happen to have these fantastic tools yet, make sure you download them NOW… Andres could also use some help from you! Yes, you heard me right: YOU can be part of the developement of these tools. Simply give him some feedback, some new ideas, or improvements on his tools and you are helping alot!

Besides this, Rebel was also able to hack the Jungle Road Level. He managed a way to move the entire terrain 250 feet above the previous world, so that you can start out with a completely blank level! This should be interesting for all of us , who want to make a level from the scratch! It is also a fantastic process in hacking the wtd files, so: Congratulations Rebel! You can find this new level in our Levels section….