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Jack Horner – Talks at Google

Jack Horner recently had an open discussion at Google. During the talks the renowned paleontologist covers several hot topics: “Jurassic World”, “Jurassic Park” & “Genetics”. The video is available right here:     If you want more, have a look at our exclusive Jack Horner interview, where he responded to our community questions.

Sunday, 27th October 2002

And again, we’re able to present you some new shots of the level 🙂 We surely hope that you’ll enjoy them. We’d also like to thank our partners from Jurassic Island for their support. We also fixed a few broken links in the other download section again. They are all working again now 🙂

Friday, 25th October 2002

Today we got something very special for you guys, to keep you entertained: The Original Interviews from all the Teammembers from the legendary Trespasser Teamsite. This site has been down for a pretty long time now, so they’ve almost been lost. Well, so much for this, now get over to our “interviews” page and read  Continue Reading »

Wednesday, 23rd October 2002

Finally we’re able to show you the first images of the new level, we’re currently producing! We certainly hope, that you will find this as exciting, as we do… Please also note, that none of these images have been faked and show 100% of what you will see in the finished version. Furthermore, we’ve also  Continue Reading »

Sunday, 20th October 2002

TresCom OPS Announcement We are very proud to announce the first oficial TresCom Product today! Your TresCom Ops Team has been working hard on it for 3 months now and it finally seems to be close to finished. It is an entire new level for Trespasser and features several new stuff as the following: