TresCom Isle patch 2

Well, what can I say. Been a while, eh? But we’re certainly going to make up for the huge delay on updates. Let’s start off by presenting you a very new update to our popular level: “Tc-Isle“!

The Update fixes various minor issues and also includes all newly discovered functions by BigRed. We of course strongly recoomend this download.

Big Red = Big TresPatch

And he did it again. This time, he implemented some extremely cool features, such as a Map function and also a cheat which allows Dinosaurs to enter buildings. He also created a new website on his latest release, so pay him a visit here.

The TresRace

Our community was having some great fun planning a short Trespasser race on who beats the game the fastest (without using cheats). Unfortunately, nobody showed up. We liked the idea however and request everybody to participate in this fun event. Simply install Big Red’s latest patch. Open the game and start the timer. Play through the levels (write down your time at the end) and post up your score on our forum…

I personally don’t think that anybody should miss this fun-event.

The Trespasser E-Zine

A new team has gathered to create a weekly Trespasser E-magazine and they are still looking for help! Interested? Join the circle by posting up a request on our forum…